Sunday, June 17, 2018


Bridger gives good smiles

Our Daughters

I just want to talk about my daughters for a bit. They are growing up, and it's actually really noticable. Lily is almost as tall as I am. I think she's only an inch shorter. Today at church Shiloh Funk caught us afterward and said that she noticed this tall young woman walking down the hall and didn't recognize her and wondered who she was, and then she realized that it was Lily! Then she wondered if she was just wearing tall shoes or if she's actually that tall. Well, it just so happened Lily was wearing tall shoes, but even without them, she is passing others up quickly. She has exceeded her Aunty April, Grandma Bobbie, and I think I'm next.

I did a yard sale not too long ago with a neighbor friend who was selling her clothes and shoes. Lily fit lots of her clothes and Amara fit her shoes, which was a complete shocker! Last time we bought shoes for Amara, a couple months prior, we were buying her kids size 13, but these shoes were all youth size 2! That's 2 full sizes up from where she was.

Aside from the physical lengthening evolution happening before my eyes, their interests and hobbies are evolving and their talents and gifts are emerging.

Lily is loving stretching and getting flexible. One Sunday a few weeks ago Lily stayed home from church because she was sick. When we got home, she showed us that she could do the splits. She was stretching the entire time we were at church and got into the splits for the first time. Although she hasn't maintained that flexibility completely, she's still pretty bendy and actually enjoys stretching.

Amara has an amazing jump and a beautiful gazelle-like leap. It's fun for me to watch her athleticism and grace when she dances. Both she and Lily like to make up dances together from time to time and perform them for us. Their latest performance of "Fight Song" was my favorite!

So, I've noticed Amara has an aptitude for learning foreign language. She can repeat and recall words and phrases really well. 

Lily has a natural capacity to compose piano music and figure out the patterns in written song.