Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FHE Treats, "Bee-tek-a-bit"

We had a wonderful family night last night learning about obedience and safety.  We learned of Bro. Pinegar's experience with being daring as he darted in front of a car to prove to his friend that he was a fast runner, only to get hit by the car and knocked unconscious.  He taught us to "dare to do right."  We then learned some safety rules like not going off alone and not playing in the street then played a safety-themed board game.  It was Amara's turn to say the closing prayer and she blessed for everyone to stay healthy (she prays for that in every prayer lately, and she prays for each person in our family individually and sometimes adds other people into the mix) Then she said, "Please bless the treats for bee-tek-a-bit."

After the prayer was over, I looked at Steve and asked him questioningly what she said.  He shrugged his shoulders in confusion then asked Amara for clarification.  She replied, "I said bless the treats for bee...tek...a...bit."
"Oh,"  I replied, "and what does bee-tek-a-bit mean?"
"I don't know."  she said.
I turned to Steve and we tried to figure it out.  She must be trying to say something that we said before.  We sat stumped for a minute or so, then Steve proclaimed, "Partake of it!"  Leave it to the linguist.
"Yeah," Amara said from across the room, "bee-tek-a-bit." 

I adore Amara!  And I love that she's actually listening during the sacrament prayers each week!