Sunday, June 23, 2019

Joe's Family Visits in June!

Here's a scrapbook of highlights from when Joe and his kids came to visit.  We had just returned from a 2 week trip to Denver and Texas, and a couple days later, Joe came to visit for about a week.  Check out some of the fun we had!
It's tradition to have Joe man the grill.  We had kalbi chicken!

Grilled food is one of my favorite things in this life.

We had a dance party on the patio one evening!  Maizie had some killer moves!

The girls all bought matching grey t-shirts at the dollar store and painted them.

They signed each other's shirts with their handprints on the back.

JJ, Amara, Malia, and Maizie created a play for us.  We attended the first (and last) showing of "The Queen's Choice"

Malia played Princess Rose and Maizie played Princess Ocean.  Amara as the Queen of Hearts chose her daughter, Princess Rose to inherit the kingdom and Princess Ocean was jealous.  It was a story of the compassion and wisdom of an older sister as Rose teaches Ocean kindly the ways to better herself to one day be a worthy candidate to rule the kingdom.

The audience was moved with emotion.

They took a long time doing their makeup.  I should mention, JJ was the narrator and the Queen's guard.

We took Joe's family to the Hideout Steak House, the home of the steak on a a rock.

I had recommended Joe get the lava bowl, a stone bowl heated to umpteen degrees filled with a delicious spicy sauce, peppers, onions, steak, and cheese.  Served with tortillas.  Unfortunately, they had recently changed their recipe to make it more mild, which is a bummer because Joe can take high doses of heat.  Last time I had this, it came out smoking hot, the spicy sauce literally boiling, spewing steam as lava should, and every bite was so good and so spicy there was smoke coming out my ears.  This time I felt like we were eating a warm tomato soup.  Not the lava I looked forward to sharing.

The infamous steak on a rock- they bring you a stone heated in a 500 degree oven and you cook your raw meat on it.  
Malia and Amara shared this steak on a rock.  It's a good thing too.  They both wanted to order this $25 meal, and honestly, Amara hardly eats a mouthful before she's stuffed, so I'm glad they agreed to share one meal instead of insisting to order their own.

Grandma took everyone bowling one night to Ute Lanes.  She bought the huge fried foods platter for everyone to partake as they waited their turns.

We also took a trip out to dinosaur national monument. 

They were celebrating the discovery of this beautiful land by John W. Powell (I think) that weekend, so the place was crowded.

Selfie with my favorite older brother!

a pretty sight around Josie's cabin.

Malia and Amara snap a selfie.  They are only 14 days apart in age.

It wouldn't be a trip to my house if you didn't take a walk down the road to feed the horses.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Texas Last Day: Family Photos & Kolaches

Here's just a few photos from Jake's family's photoshoot.  Afterwards we went to have kolaches!  We've never had them before.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Texas Day 5 and beyond: Lakehouse Highlights

GUYS!  We had a TONS-O of fun at the lakehouse.  The lake is known as Sam Reyburn Reservoir and it is actually warm!  No natural water I've ever been in, in Utah, is warm like that, except hot springs.  I actually enjoyed going for a dip.

The following pictures are my scrapbook from the 3 days we spent there.  What an enjoyable stay! Great meals, gorgeous sunsets, fun with family, fishing, boating, jetskiing, good ol' games and good times!
Me and Levi on the patio

This church branch was so nice. Definitely the smallest I have ever been to, yet they sing louder than our ward back at home and they were very welcoming.

We had a BBQ!  Yay for burgers, veggies and dip!

Spaghetti and meatballs night!  Yum!

Levi is such a great helper vaccuuming the Lake House when it was time to go.

We picked so many blueberries at the U-pick farm and Kelli knew just how to properly cure them.  She made jam and pies with them while we were there!

It was my first time trying this tube thing and it was one bumpy ride!

It was 90 degrees and sweat-to-death weather, but there was a fire pit and makings for smores, soooo... what would you do?

Jakes and me going early morning fishing!

Steve found this cool lizard.

Brookie and me with our pretty princess smiles.

A STICK BUG!  This was on our van when we got out of church.

Yet another yummy meal.

More boating fun!!!

The jet skis were a blast!  Pictured above is Lily holding onto Kelli on the blue jet ski, and Jake driving Parker on the yellow one.

Parker and his favorite Aunty Lani!

This is the best bagel breakfast bake!  It's bagels with sausage and eggs and cheese melted all over.  DIVINE!

AND... these pies were TO DIE FOR!  Aren't they pretty too?  Kelli makes a gorgeous blueberry pie, and of course we had the Blue Bell ice cream!

Amara with the only catch of the whole trip!  Go girl!

Steve and Jake got a really bumpity bump bump ride!

Family Jet Ski time!

This sunset was no joke.  So Firey!  This was not an edited photo!

FRIED PICKLES!  They really are a delicious!