Tuesday, January 24, 2023

My Birthday


I woke up and guess what I saw?  The sun was rising, so I rushed outside to get a picture, I even walked across the street to get one without power lines.  Then I came back in the house and was showered by homemade confetti by my sweet daughter, Amara.  She wished me a happy birthday and threw her arms around me.  I hugged her tight.  I am always surprised by her confetti shower every year.  Then I looked into the living room which I totally didn't pay attention to when I was leaving to get my sunrise picture, and I saw that it had double decorations!  Our Christmas decor was still up and added to it was all our birthday celebration decor.  "Thanks Amara! Did you decorate?"  That's when she slumped in my arms, "I'm so tired.  I stayed up past midnight decorating."  Aw.  That is her.  Thoughtful.  Sacrificing her sleep, on a school night, no less.  Then she was up early enough to throw confetti on me when I got up to view the sunrise.
My birthday sunrise.  Thank you, Heavenly Father!

Our eyes looked so tired in the last picture so we decided to quit faking like we were bright-eyed.

Homemade confetti that rained down on me!


After the girls left for their classes, I was alone.  Usually I'd go to the temple with my mom because Tuesday is our temple day, but she wasn't going to be able to this time.  Then, what surprise should walk through the door- it was Steve! With flowers and fancy chocolate bars in hand, he announced that he took the day off and wanted to take me to lunch and the temple, if I wanted.  I was THRILLED!  So, we made appointments, got ready, and went to Vernal.

It was my choice for lunch, though I am always so hesitant to choose because I want to please, and I know Steve is way more picky when it comes to food and restaurants.  I also didn't know how much he wanted to spend, but since it was my birthday, I pushed all that aside and decided on Plaza Mexicana.  But, I was taking a bit too long to answer, so Steve made the suggestion, "How about Plaza Mexicana?  We don't have to, we really could go anywhere, but they have those crispy rellenos." Perfect suggestion.


My mom wanted a chance to celebrate with me, too, so she took me to the Hideout Steak House for dinner!  The sunset was beautiful on our drive to Myton!  I ordered the steak-on-a-rock tri-tip, my fave!  They bring the raw, seasoned steak meat out on a crazy-hot 500 degree rock and you get to cook it yourself at the table.  I got sweet potato fries and veggies with it.  

When we got home, it was time for cake and ice cream.  There were a few too many good choices at the store when Steve and I went there after the temple.  So, we brought home 4 different ice creams!  Yeah, that was probably a little excessive, but I can tell you none of it went to waste.
Then my cake came out and that was hilarious.  Steve removed the packaging and the whole cake topping just slid right off!  So he scooped it up the best he could and redecorated the cake.  I loved it!  The laughs were better than the cake!

I had a very happy birthday.  I feel very blessed to have been surrounded by good and loving family all my life.  I know that's not the reality for everyone, though I wish it was.  To me, family is the best birthday gift and spending time with them is something you can't buy!