Friday, November 30, 2018

Thanksgiving - Dad's New House - Grandma Blad

A big family photo of almost everyone there.
 This year for Thanksgiving we went to my dad's new house in Orem.  It is much bigger than his old house and we filled it up fast!  I wanted to be sure we were there this year because this is Grandma Blad's last Thanksgiving with us.  She was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year and only has a few months to live.  She's one of my kindred spirits and I feel really close to her.  I'm pretty sure we were good friends in the pre-existence. 

I'm glad we got to be there this year.  I got to have my special time alone with grandma.  When she was going to bed I volunteered to lay next to her until she fell asleep because she was in such pain and didn't want to be alone.  I stayed with her and helped adjust the pillows, heat pad, and warmed up rice bags.  Mostly we just laid there and talked for a couple hours.  That was exactly my wish for that thanksgiving.  It was likely the last time we would get to be together.  She really wants to pass away because of the pain and the burden she feels is.  She has priesthood blessings daily and in one of them she was told the desires of her heart will be granted.  She believes that means she can choose when she will pass away.  She told me she wants that day to be a few days after Cami's wedding in December and when Kerry gets back from her trip she has planned. I guess we will see.  Anyway, eventually her medications kicked in and she went to sleep.

Debby's Blad family- Grandpa Blaine and Grandma Virginia in the front, (L-R) Kerry, Kirk, Steven, Colleen, Cheryl, Debby (Missing: Kenneth)

Cami wearing Grandma's wedding dress.  She's going to wear it when she gets married in December.

Cami holding grandma's hand

The dinner portion of Thanksgiving was an incredible feast with lots of food and lots of mouths to feed. 
Josh and Emily's daughter Lyla reminds me so much of Amara when she was little.  I loved talking to her!
 There were 3 full sized tables and 2 kids tables in the dining room as well as the barstools at the bar all set for the guests, and in the living room there were 3 smaller round tables set up too!
Debby waving a warm welcome to her new dining room
 Dad might have a condition slowing him down (maybe parkinsons), but he doesn't let that stop him.  When I arrived he was sweating and had been slaving away in the kitchen for several hours nonstop.  He's amazing.
My dad never stops.  Look at him slice the turkey.  He made 3 turkeys and a ham!

Appetizers were a hit

My plate of goodness.  I couldn't even fit everything.  It was all delicious!  We brought cooked beets from our garden and steamed vegetables.

Lily, Eden, and Amara
 The girls enjoyed their time.  When I peeked over at them they were balancing spoons on their noses with the rest of their table.  It was a great time!
The dining room

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

YW Excellence Night 2018

This was Lily's 2nd Young Women In Excellence Night.  They planned such a fun evening!  As you walked in you went through the VIP entrance and received your program and the young women received their name on a star and a boa to wear for the evening.

The "red carpet" was actually red plastic tablecloths
 There was a program with a couple speakers and it was really inspiring.  Lily got to lead everyone in the theme.  She stood up and said, "Young Women of the Ballard North Ward, who are we?" then everyone stood up and recited the young women theme.

There was a video that the girls made introducing their projects which was really cute.  Lily for her project wrote in her journal every night for a whole year without missing a single day.
Lily with some of her pals- (L-R) Catlien K., Lindsay R., Lily, Mandi A.

Lily's 3 journals are displayed on the stand.  She also included "Lily's Daily Journaling Tips" and "Reasons to Keep a Daily Journal."  People could also take home a handout of personal history questions to get them started writing in their journals.

At the end they had a popcorn bar for dessert and then everyone could go around and look at the projects displayed on the tables and talk to the girls about them.

You could top your popcorn with various goodies and syrups.