Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween Parties


Taken at "the Halloween House"

Cooking Challenge: Jack-o-Face Food

We issued this challenge after winning the spooky food challenge.  The criteria was to create Jack-o-lantern-type faces on your food or with your food in some way.  This did not mean to make pumpkins with jack o lantern faces, we were just looking for the faces on the food. 

Here's our family's contributions- hard boiled eggs, biscuits, and spinach salad, all with jack-o-faces

Jacob's Family makes mummy dogs every year, so he created a face with one on his plate using ketchup and mustard for eyes and a hot dog for a mouth.

Micah's family made faces on a watermelon and their calzones! Check out his jack-o-lantern in the background, too!

I love the brownies Mandy and Micah created with their family!  The marshmallow jack-o-lanterns and skeletons were so cute!

April's dessert was so creative!  She made a cute caramel apple- but it wasn't just any caramel apple!  She carved out a face and the core, then poured caramel sauce into the hollow and out poured the caramel from the mouth!
April also made some quesadillas with faces and cucumbers, too!

Dad and Deb made a couple of delicious soups and garnished with their jack-o-faces!

Even Debby's cake had a face!

The winner was Micah's family!

The Ward Trunk or Treat

This year, the trunk-or-treat was held on a Saturday morning in the Stake Center parking lot.  I decided to dress up this year as a stick figure.

Halloween Party With Friends

Jaycee made pretzel fingers

They played that game where you unwrap the candy bar using only a fork and knife and your hands are in oven mitts. Everyone rolls dice until they get doubles, then they get a turn to unwrap.

Lily's makeup for the evening

Pippin got in on the costume party

We maybe didn't trick or treat on Halloween, but the weather was nice enough to get out for a round of disc golf!

Spoooooky Cooking Challenge

Our spooky meal for the Marco Polo Cooking Challenge was gross-looking.  In fact, because it looked gross, my mind had a hard time enjoying the food.  

We made:

  • Meatloaf in the shape of a hand and an arm, filled with sweetened ketchup blood
  • Mashed "boo"-tatoes shaped like a ghost with brown gravy eyes
  • Pickled "beet"-ing hearts
  • Cinnamon roll shaped and colored to mimic intestines
  • Apple Cider with floating apple heads

Amara and I used our creativity to put this meal together. We carved the apple shrunken heads.  Amara decorated the tablescape and dressed up like a witch.  She made the potatoes and made labels.  I prepared the meatloaf and "intestines" with Amara's help.