Friday, January 24, 2020

Lani turns 38!

Look at my gifts!

Steve came home from work with this darling milk bottle vase set
 with bright, happy gerber daisies nestled in.  He attached a beautiful poem he wrote for me which was rolled up like a tight scroll and tied to the wire basket with some decorative string.

The flowers in the foreground were from April. She conspired with mom to get them for me! The gift I'm holding is from my mom.  It was heavy.
Mom got me a Pioneer Woman dutch oven!  I love it!  It's so beautiful and it's my first dutch oven!

There's my dinner of choice- SUSHI!  There is one restaurant that does sushi in Vernal and it's an all you can eat Asian buffet called Win-On.
A variety of cheesecakes cut into bite-sized chunks so I could have a taste of every single one.  The funny thing is after trying them all, the one I preferred to all the rest was the plain new york style cheesecake!

Dessert didn't stop at cheesecake! My favorite ice cream- extreme moose tracks- and a couple bags of m&m's filled in the rest of the gaps on my dessert plate.
Happy Birthday to me!   I may have felt a little ill after eating all that sugar!