Sunday, April 7, 2024

Spring Break

This is the first Spring Break where our family wasn't together for a whole week on the wasatch front.  I suppose I knew one day it would happen when varying schedules wouldn't align for a whole week vacation, but I must admit I'm grateful that we made the memories when our schedules did allow for it.  

This year, Amara and I bummed a ride with my mom (She's the best) to the Wasatch Front to stay with April on Monday.  Lily needed the van to get to work, and Steve had his University classes to hone in on that week, so it was just me and Amara (and my mom!) for a time until Steve, Lily, and Pippin could join us on Thursday.

Upon arrival at April's house, we sat down to a hot dinner of April's homemade miso soup, gyoza, rice, and salad.  YUM!  She spoils us.  

Amara wanted to watch the movie Emma ever since we watched the play in Vernal.  April loves that movie, so we waited to watch it when we'd be with her.  It's a long movie, so we broke it up into a few days, but we enjoyed it.  Devon even watched with us for a bit.
We all snuggled tight on the couch to watch Emma.

Something I've never done is go to the Springville Museum of Art, so we decided to change that.  The museum was larger than I thought, but unfortunately, the main floor was completely closed as they were creating a new exhibit.  That just means I'll have to go back another time.  I did enjoy my visit, though, especially the kids section downstairs where we created our own art.
Group selfie in front of the Springville Museum of Art.

Cool swirlie thing in the rocks in front

Look at our cute kids swinging

April's drawing of me! Looks perfect.

Everyone working on their drawings

Bridger's drawing of me! SO CUTE!!!

April's drawing of mom

April may have named her drawing after a story mom had just told us about a tiny poop.

Gorgeous art pieces by Bridger and Amara!


He didn't really want to take a pic of his, but I convinced him to let me.  How nice of him to oblige. Looks super cool to me.

Grandma Bobbie had Bridger pose for this pic.

Spring in Springville!! I love daffodils and I love the way this picture turned out with the museum in the background.

Later we took to the courts to play pickleball.  The courts by April's house were totally crowded, so we tried the Spanish Fork courts and got lucky!  There were several courts available.
A beautiful day for pickleball.

See the spring blooms on the tree?

Bridger is SO STRONG!

We stole Micah away for a quick lunch at Red 8 with mom.  It was delicious.

Hitting a trail with the dogs ;)

Sunny spring day making this beautiful scene


Amara looks good with the helmet

Going on a bike ride

Just sayin hi. 

We went on a walk with Grandpa Blad

Lily rolled up with Steve in Orem a couple hours before we were to leave on a girls trip to the new Orem temple to do endowments.
Temple time!

I woke up the next day feeling unwell, which is the worst because I had planned with Mandy and April to take our families to the Manti temple open house and Snow College.  So, I stayed home, but everyone else packed a picnic lunch and headed out.  They expected it to be cold and wet with long long lines.  It was cold and windy and they waited outside for 3.5 hours to get in, but luckily it was just in time before the rains began to fall.  April and Mandy sent me pics and Marco Polos to keep me included.

After the temple, everyone came home and spent some time.  It was good to see everyone and laugh together.

Bridger and Alexa running up the hill by the Manti temple

Jay holding Bridger

Snow College bell tower

April with Cocoa

There's no pics with Steve, but he was there working hard on his schooling.  I rested next to him since I stayed home.  It was so nice to have him near when I wasn't feeling well.  

We also did some missionary shopping for Lily on Saturday morning.  She and Amara took the tickets for me and Steve to the Desert Star with my dad and Deb later that day.  I was sad I wasn't feeling better to go, but I'm glad my girls could.  They had a lot of fun.