Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Puppy Waffles!

I should clarify that these waffles are not made from puppies, but rather they were made to resemble puppies. Whole grain waffles, spread with vanilla yogurt, a little Fat free Cool Whip, and a mixture of cold berries. Genius- and no leftovers ;)I love smiles at breakfast time! I'm not sure what Lily is looking at, but she seems happy.

Amara contemplating her first bite...

Without the berries on the ears

With berries on the ears. The more the merrier!
{This tasty breakfast was actually last month (January), I just never got around to blogging it until now}

Family Night- Refreshments

We love family night! This particular family night we only had one slice of Fudge Turtle Pie leftover from Sunday dinner, so the girls got to split it. Steve and I opted to save our tastebuds for after the girls went to sleep and dish ourselves up some ice cream. Anyhow, the girls were licking their plates clean before I could snap a picture of them eating their pie!

Black Olives on Baby Fingers

Steve and I used to put olives on my fingers as kids. Now our kids do it. Amara has such cute hands and now her "thumb-kins" have "helmets."

No Amara Allowed Sign

Lily had had it with Amara coming into "her" bathroom and touching the toilet and bringing her toys in there. Her solution? A "NO AMARA ALLOWED" sign, which she fully intended on hanging on the bathroom door and in return expecting Amara to respect it. It didn't hang for long.

Notice the picture of Amara with a circle drawn around it with a slash through it. Lily even almost spelled Amara correctly. You can also find the word "No" written on her sign. I love it.

IHOP, breakfast before we left

We had been spending the weekend at Steve's parent's house and it was time to head back home, but not without a hearty breakfast! We decided last second that we would go to IHOP for all-you-can-eat pancakes and invite some family to join us. It was a tasty breakfast and a perfect farewell.
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Valentines Day Weekend and the Desert Star

On Valentines weekend, our family traveled to the faraway land of Happy Valley (the Wasatch Front) to accompany carloads of our loved ones to an enjoyable performance of "twi-lite" at the Desert Star Playhouse.

Our comrades were excellent company, the show was hilarious, and the pizza, a HOOT! The "California Pizza" Joe ordered was basically a crudite nightmare. Joe's face says it all...

Check out the large clusters of crunchy broccoli florets. I'd have to say that this pizza has potential and would be better simply by chopping the broccoli smaller and broiling and seasoning all of the vegetables before putting them on the pie, just a suggestion (one that I hope falls on the ears of a talented Desert Star Chef).
Let's just say there was definitely room for dessert. Bring on the Brownie Sundae! This mountain of decadence did not disappoint.
We truly enjoyed ourselves and we owe a great big THANK YOU to Dad and Deb for making it all possible. We love you guys! P.S. Happy Birthday, Debby. We would have cheered louder for you if the announcer had pronounced Lauret instead of "Larent." And Happy Anniversary to Missy and Joe- six years and rockin' it!

Now a candid look at the delightful people we call family and friends...
Dad, Deb, Trent and Lyndsi
DeeJay and her son Colby
Spencer and April
Kelli and Jakey
Jake and Micah
April and Dad

I'd like to officially acknowledge the presence of Steve, Lani, Missy, Mandy and Lyndsi, even though they didn't show up in the pictures. Sorry. I will have the camera person fired promptly.