Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Grandma Bobbie’s birthday!

Grandma Bobbie had a birthday!! On the  30th of April! Mom planned a fun day for us all to go do some fun activities, and grandma got to wear the birthday banner the whole time! It was so fun.
We headed down to vernal, and our first stop was kooke! A new cookie place we’ve never been, it reminds me of crumbl. They had some fun gourmet cookies, and lily shared a bit of her party animal cookie with me, it tasted exactly like the pink frosted animal crackers! It was delicious. 

After kooke, we were taking a backroad and stumbled upon a yard sale, where everything was free!! We loaded up the van with a lot of stuff, even I scored some cute shoes! Grandma got a lot of fun decor, especially Christmas decor there!
Then we headed over to DI, for a shopping challenge! We had 10 minutes to find her an outfit for $10! After we did that she judged, and got to pick her favorite outfit to buy. The outfit I chose was the white one with the pink flower accent, with the black undershirt and black leggings. Moms was the one with the bicycle shirt with the bell bottom stretchy pants and the cardigan. It also came with earrings! And lily’s was the one with two shirts, (one of which was pajamas) and one pair of pants! Grandma chose mine to win, and so I got first pick on prizes!! Woot! She ended up mixing and matching our outfits and getting some other things as well. I found a cute blue and white tie shirt I bought as well! In the store, grandma was talking to a lady, and she sang her happy birthday in the middle of the store! It was so sweet of her, and it made grandmas day!

Our last stop of the day was this restaurant, called canton city! It had really good food! Me and Lily ordered and shared the “happy family”, which was shrimp, scallops, beef, chicken, veggies, and I don’t know if there was anything else in it. Mom ordered cashew chicken, and grandma ordered the “lovers shrimp” which was a few different kinds of shrimp all in a sauce. She had us pick for her! After dinner, the waitress brought her a complimentary sugar donut dessert! She melted a candle onto the bottom of a teacup, and sang grandma happy birthday. It was so sweet! 

Grandma also found one of her friends there, and talked to her for a bit. 
We opened our fortune cookies, and moms had a spelling mistake! What does the future hodl anyway? Also do you get the joke in grandmas picture? So clever 😂

 All in all, it was a fun day and grandma sure felt special! She’s an amazing person and we were all happy to go do this with her. Happy birthday grandma Bobbie!

Dance performance & grandma visits!

 Last week was our (mine and Lily’s) Dance performance! I (Amara) was in 4 dances, not including the finale. I was in rain, which was the pointe dance, fall leaves, the ballet dance, starry night, a jazz/modern dance, and mountains, also modern. Lily was in all of those, plus the hip hop dance. The costumes for them were all so pretty! The picture below is the rain dance, we had blue and grey leotards, and tights with some “skirts”. We were looking at them and we’re pretty sure they’re actually like, cardigans, since we found 2 sleeves and stuff. But we wrapped them in a way so they would look more skirt-like.

These next couple pictures are of the mountain dance, which was made up of not many people, me, lily, and 3 other girls from our class. We did a couple lifts, and it was fun! The especially fun thing is that the rain and mountain dances were back to back. So we wore our mountain leotards under the rain ones, and had our mountain costumes backstage. Mine had to be pinned up in the legs and shoulders in order to mostly fit me. The first time we had to do the quick change I got my skirt off, took my pointe shoes off, and took the rain Leo off. Then I hurriedly put on the mountain jumpsuit. We had several girls each to help us change backstage. We pulled it off though! However, the first performance I accidentally had it put on backwards. You can see in the pictures if you look closely!

These pictures below are of starry night! I did pretty well in this one, and the skirts were hand painted by our teacher! We got to keep the navy leotards, and our tights. We kept changing leotards on under our regular leos, to make it easier and faster to change. 

This last picture of the performance is from the finale! It was kinda a mess, it’s hard to get all the girls to stay together. I accidentally kicked a girl who ran on late, and happened to run directly behind me as I was doing the backwards kick. We both tried to just continue on and hope nobody noticed. Unfortunately, lily was unable to perform in the second performance, because she got sick. So we had to modify all the dances she was in to make them run smooth without her.
Grandma Christensen came down to visit us to watch our performances! She watched  both of them, and enjoyed it! Mother’s Day was coming up, so me and mom went to Davis and found her these cool color changing hair clips! They look like white flowers, and when you stand in the sun they instantly change from white into 3 different, vibrant, colors! So cool! We also played a fun game called box of lies, and she won!

Mandi and Sarah came to support us as well! They’re such good friends.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Our 19th Anniversary


We often leave town and stay somewhere else for our anniversary, and oftentimes we don't even go on our actual anniversary.  This year, Steve had the idea to take off work and do day full of local dates.  Since I've done almost all the planning in years past (maybe all the planning?), I jumped on board immediately to Steve's plan.  He even planned the dates.  We started the morning with disc golf, then took the scenic route to Vernal where we went mattress shopping and almost bought a mattress, then we ate at Plaza Mexicana (Steve's new favorite Mexican place), then went to the library to read until we could get into the next movie at the theater.  It was a full and fun day together celebrating 19 years of marriage.  I loved it.

Being married to Stephen is a blessing.  He is funny and calm, compassionate, and passionate, caring and smart, patient and perseverant.  I love that he takes his fatherhood seriously and works hard to provide for our family, while also sincerely desiring to support our children in their interests and education.  He's always cared for their well-being, from the womb he was reading to them and making sure I was taking my prenatal vitamins.  Now, he likes to connect by watching good shows with them like Tales from Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, and musicals.  We all love it when we can spend time with Steve!

Heres's some pictures of our anniversary stay-cation, in backwards order (I don't know why, but that's how blogger did it)

Good popcorn, crummy show!  Don't waste your time with any of the  Magical Creatures movies.

Steve fell asleep while reading.

I enjoyed the Pioneer Woman magazine at the library!

This was Steve's first time to Plaza Mexicana, and my second.  I was nervous he wouldn't like it because he's not a big Mexican food fan, but he ended up liking it.  He really loved the crispy relleno.

ground beef chimichanga, rice and beans.

2 crispy rellenos, rice and beans.

We almost bought a mattress, but couldn't decide between 2 of them.  We spent probably close to 2 hours trying out mattresses and talking it over. 

A picture off the side of the road of the drizzly day.

A brisk morning for disc golf.  We had Constitution Park to ourselves.