Monday, May 31, 2021

Lily's Birthday & Lagoooooooon!

Sweet Sixteen  ~  Sweet Lily

Amara surprised Lily with a confetti shower for her birthday!  She has made this a little tradition on birthdays!

For breakfast Lily requested that I make the braided cream-cheese-raspberry-jam-filled streusel coffee cake topped with cream cheese glaze.  I learned that recipe in my foods class when I was in junior high.  

Lily had an extra fun time gift-opening.  Grandma had put together a unique gift for her aging granddaughter complete with...
"Enchanted Cleanse" capsules...
and Cranberry fruit capsules!

She also got other things she actually likes- jerky, chocolates, takis, and clothes.  She also got tickets to a family vacation with 2 days at Lagoon- somewhere she had been begging to go to for months.

We took Lily shopping in Vernal where Grandma got her a new outfit!  We went out to eat at Denny's where Lily got her favorite- Sirloin Steak dinner!

Free ice cream for the birthday girl!
Then it was on to the long-awaited driver's license division for Lily's driver's license!  We had to make an appointment because of Covid, there's no longer lines to wait in.  

Things went well and Lily got her license!

For her birthday dessert, we had the cheesecake that Lily requested from Calli Kettle- chocolate peanut butter on a chocolate crumb crust.

Lagoon Birthday Trip

So, the plan was to drive out to Salt Lake on Friday, spend the next few nights at an AirBnB in North Salt Lake, go to Lagoon on Saturday, rest and Zoom church on Sunday and visit ancestral graves in Bountiful, 2nd day Lagoon on Monday, drive home Tuesday.

That went mostly to plan, with one big bummer.  Lily started feeling sick the day we got there, plus a hurt wrist and sore back. The first day at Lagoon, she started out feeling ok but had a sore throat.  By Monday, Lily felt awful and stayed in the rental with Steve just resting while Amara and I spent half a day at Lagoon.

Since Amara and I don't ride roller coasters, we pretty much spent our time in the several museums around the park.

Though it wasn't our ideal trip, we did enjoy the time we did spend out there.

Lily love Kneaders cheese soup with sourdough bread!

There was one couch in the little apartment we rented.  We folded it out into a bed and piled on to watch shows.

Our views of the sunset were AMAZING!

Steve and Lily were buddies at Lagoon since the two of them wanted to ride the roller coasters.

Amara and I were buddies keeping our feet on the ground ;)

Amara and I rode the kiddie rides, too because that's about the maximum G-forces we could take without getting ill.

Amara and I loved touring the historic homes and picturing life from years ago.

There were a few rides we met up for like the carousel, tram ride, and the Ferris wheel.

We decided to stand in a giant line to get $5 ice cream cones because it was so hot outside and that building had awesome air conditioning!  It also had some old apothecarial-type things on display that we enjoyed looking at.

I love seeing the old medicines.

From the top of the Ferris wheel you can see that Lagoon is building another new roller coaster.

The Jet-Star!

This ride has been around since I was a child.  It used to be one of my favorites.  Now, it's just too fast, but it's fun to watch Steve and Lily have fun on it.

Here's me with Amara in the FRONT SEAT of another kiddie ride!


Yet another gorgeous sunset from our apartment rental.

I loved sitting on the little front patio in the mornings to enjoy my breakfast in the summer shade.

I really enjoyed going to a nearby cemetery to visit the graves of my Fackrell ancestors.  They were pioneers that settled and helped build up the area of Bountiful, Utah.

Just me and Amara on day 2 of Lagoon

The following few pictures are some of the cool things we viewed at the museums in Lagoon.  There was a museum of old toys which was fun!  
such intricate details of these toys!

Amara loved this horse statue.

Some doll house furniture and other toys.

These mini dolls were made of peanuts.  They actually look pretty creepy to me, but I thought it was a great use of peanuts.

Another gorgeous sunset.