Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Renaissance Faire- August 28-29, 2015

 We had some very good times at the Utah Renaissance Faire at Thanksgiving Pointe this year.  Steve took a day off school, and the kids and I studied a unit on the Renaissance prior to our visit.  We spent two days there, and each day was filled with things to do and see.

There was a guy who collected old swords, and some of the blades we held dated back to the time of Christ.

We saw James and his friend, Landon, there, as well as an interesting satyr we just had to get a picture with.

There was a pirate ship for the kids to play on.
We watched some crazy demonstrations of armored battle.  They used real armor and real weapons and just went at eachother until time ran out.  Their only rule was no hits to the spine or the back of the neck.
We got to help unweave the maypole.

There were knights that rode horses and did jousting demonstrations.

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There was a group that brought birds of prey for people to take pictures of and they did a show with their owls, falcons, hawks, and eagles.

Steve's camera got some nice shots.

Here's one of the fully armored participants.  Check out that helmet.  They have to make all their own armor.

The guy in the red reminded me of Shredder from the Ninja Turtles.

The armored fighting was probably our favorite event.

Yes, there were women participating in the armored battle.

We loved hearing the authentic renaissance music that was being played along the walkways.

Amara really loved this Fresian horse and wanted to be in a picture with it.

There were shops set up selling their renaissance goods.
We bought some coin purses for a dollar or two each.

Lily wished that she could ride on the Fresian horses.

There were other street entertainers that did little shows throughout the faire.

There were people everywhere dressed to the hilt!

Here's one of our own renaissance princesses.

I purchased a loaf of artisan sourdough that was baked in a stone oven that morning.  The only 3 ingredients used in this bread were flour, water, and salt.  It was light warm, sour, and so very tasty!  We also bought "Joe Frogger" cookies which were like a dark gingersnap.

No one really bowed when the king's procession walked by, except some of the other actors.We all mostly just started at their extremely hot attire.  It was 90 something degrees out there.

There were a couple stages with entertainment, including puppetry, magicians, musicians, falconry, fire blowers, dancers, etc.
Equestrian Vaulters had some girls Lily and Amara's ages performing tricks on moving horses.  They're out of Saratoga Springs, just a short drive from there.

I never got a picture of my delicious $10 Scottish meal, but I remember it vividly.  It was a steak pie which was served with gravy, and sauteed cabbage.  Amara got a tornado potato, Lily got breadsticks and Steve got firebaked pizza.  It would be fun to go again sometime!