Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween was Fun!

In addition to trick or treating in Grandma's neighborhood in Roosevelt, we attended our ward's annual trunk or treat, grandma's ward's trunk or treat, school Halloween parties (I was in charge of both Lily and Amara's classes), and our local grocery store's Halloween party. Needless to say, we handed out all 200 pieces of candy and our girls came home with a HAULING! They ate some of it and left the rest for the candy fairy which in turn left them some little pet shop toys.

We had fun carving our pumpkins a few nights before and when Halloween rolled around, everyone but Steve dressed up. Most years he's appeased me and wore whatever I gave him, but this year he outright refused. Maybe next year I'll get him! This year I was a capoeirista, Lily was a black cat on Halloween and a witch at her school party, and Amara was a princess at school and a chicken and a ladybug at the different trunk or treats. No purchasing costumes this year, just making do with what was around, just like what I grew up doing. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

School Has Begun! ...ahem,3 months ago.

 Lily is in Steve's 2nd grade class and Amara has begun Kindergarten!  I'm so behind in blogging, but when school started (3 months ago), it was an important day in our family.  We all go to the same school for half the day (then Steve and Lily finish out the day while Amara and I go home).  I get to help out in the classroom every morning while Amara is in Kindergarten.  I've really enjoyed getting to witness first hand what my hubby's job is like and help out with all the ins and outs.  I also get to volunteer for Amara's class.  I love that I'm well enough to do these things because nothing gives me more joy than being with my family and volunteering. 
"I'm in my dad's class."

Hard at work.

The bulletin board

Amara's first day of school was a week later.

It was a bright morning.

Amara reading to Lily in her classroom before school starts

Amara with her teacher, Miss Porter.  She loves her tons.

Pick up line in front of the school

She had a great day and loves Kindergarten.
The smilebox below has some pictures from the first few weeks of school in Steve's class.  It was made as an ad to get more volunteers and was on the smartboard in Steve's classroom during back-to-school night.  And yes, our back-to-school night was almost a month after school started.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Made At Home Restaurant

 Our family got to be a part of my mom and Tom's anniversary celebration.  The day was a Sunday back in August, and my mom acquired some special Italian recipes to make for her hubby (and us).  She came over in the afternoon and started preparations.  Lily and Amara were the servers for our "double date."  They actually were more than servers.  They made the menus and helped set the table and I think they even helped with some of the food prep, but I can't remember.

It was a fun and memorable evening with very tasty food!

Pretty table setting :)

Lily gave her menu to Tom

Amara gave her menu to mom.

Amara's menu

Front of Lily's menu

Inside Lily's menu

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Remember the 2012 Lauret Olympics?

This past summer in August, our family traveled to the far-reaches of the Utah universe to an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow-polka-dot town named Antimony (minus the yellow polka-dots).  It was time for the Lauret family reunion! 

Although not all Laurets/Bennions were able to be there for the entire reunion, most were able to be there, and we all had a great time.
Practicing for the games...
 The theme of the reunion was the Olympics, and Dad and Deb planned out hours of Olympic fun for us.  I remember cookie eating contests, balloon juggling contests, straw hammer throw, paper plate discus throw, hula hooping, shotput, kids foot race, and I know I'm missing more events, but it was quite the undertaking- like 2-3 hours worth of hot competition under the sizzling sun.  I tried to film most of the events, but I grossly underestimated how long we'd be at it.  I think my camcorder's battery died half-way in, but what I did capture is found in the slideshow below. 

Before the opening ceremonies, we each made our own family flag to represent the country we chose.  The meal we were assigned to make was supposed to reflect our country's cuisine in some fashion.  Since our family made the Kickin' Chicken Quesadillas, we decided to represent "Foulandia."  Most, if not all, of the countries people chose were made up.  I don't remember who won overall- in fact, I don't know if we ever even determined that- which to me means that it was a success.  It wasn't about the competition so much as it was about having fun and making memories.
Maizie had lots of fun on the swing.
 We also did a lot of other fun things like: went to Otter Creek (10 min. away) to fish and boat and play at the beach; had a birthday party; made crafts; rode the 4-wheeler; watched the Olympics on TV; went on the huge swing; found scorpions; fished the pond in the front; did a little service project of weeding and making benches for the firepit; and did a lot of visiting, eating, and enjoying the scenery.
My buddy Maizie gives the best smiles!

I'm so glad April took me to this hugely fun swing!

I put all the photos and video into a slideshow which ended up being pretty long, so if you plan to watch all the video, be prepared with a bag of popcorn!  Thanks for a good time everyone!

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