Monday, August 2, 2021

Bye-Byes & Birthdays

It was lots of fun being able to see Joe and his kids this summer, and byes should always be GOOD byes, so we decided to go to Lowes to do their ninja course and other fun things.  Actually, this doubled as Amara's birthday party since she really wanted to go there and it was almost her birthday.
Mom and I found the massage chairs!

After all the fun, we went out to eat at Golden Coral buffet.  It was a good summer and a good send off.  

Our family stayed a few more days at April's house to celebrate both Devon's and Amara's birthdays which are only 2 days apart.  In the meantime, I got to spend some quality time with my mom and sister and my family too.
temple date at Payson

workout date on floating yoga boards (P.S. Those are hard to balance on!)
disc golf date at Jolley's Ranch
Another workout date

Devon's Birthday

Devon started the day with opening gifts then it was off to Airborn Jumping Gym for some more fun!

Amara's Birthday

It was a Sunday, and we were at April's house and Amara was sick.  But that didn't stop her from having an amazing birthday!  April made it so special by decorating the basement!  She was sleeping in the room right next to the family room, so we had to be extra quiet, but when she woke up this is what she saw...

She got lots of gifts (that tends to happen when you're visiting family)
She loved the mini orchid I bought her.
and the little cotton candy machine
and the mini farkle game
Amara chose the cake out over FaceTime when April and I were grocery shopping.  It was an excellent choice- a tres leches with pink and white marshmallow Sponch cookies.

Then it rained like the dickens!  The kids just had to go out and walk in the gutter rivers.  Had they a boogie board they probably could've taken a ride down the street!

The rain didn't last long, but it was amazing while it lasted.  It was a beautiful gift from heaven, especially with the current drought conditions.