Saturday, November 30, 2019

November 2019 Highlights

This post is mostly just a highlights from November post.  We did our community photography class.  We also took family pictures.  

Lily and I took our long locks and chopped them good.  Mya in our church ward studies at the hair college and she gave us our haircuts.  I loved my new do!

Young Women's Excellence night was in November and both Lily and Amara worked hard to earn their Young Womanhood medallions and a whole bunch of ribbons!  I was very proud of them and the work they put in!

Lily's 10 hour project she chose to display was her digital arts.  She had poetry, designs, and photography.  She is a very creative person.  I love when she shares her expresssions of creativity with me and others.

She also made a streusel apple pie.
Amara's project she did was Teddys for refugees.  She sewed  and embroidered teddy bears and sent them to Dolls of Hope so they would be distributed to young refugee children.

November ended with one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed dinner at the Christensen/Haroldson household.  

We also went to my dad's house to help with the gingerbread house.  Amara created a stencil of a merry go round horse for the carousel.  It looked great!

The gingerbread house was a scene from Toy Story 3.  It was auctioned off at the Festival of Trees to benefit the Primary Children's hospital.