Thursday, October 31, 2019

October Scrapbook

We brought Pippin to April's house.  I was watching her boys for a week while she and Spencer went on an anniversary vacation to Maui.  Lily and Amara were a big help and worked on their homeschool some too.

I took the kids to the Peteetneet Museum and thought the teacher's contract in Utah in 1923 was hilarious.

Bridger liked the powder sugar donuts for breakfast.  He is dusted thoroughly, from his lips to his lashes, and even his hair!

We took a drive to this gorgeous park in Woodland Hills. You could see the entire world from up there.

Pippin liked running around at this park.  None of the parks in Payson allow dogs.

This puppy has his own car seat.

I took this picture at the park and I coupled it with one of my favorite quotes from conference.

The trees were beginning to change color already by early September!

My dad agreed to watch April's boys while my girls and I went with Debby, Ashley, and her cousins out to eat at Zupas and then to the church for the General Women's Conference.  That was so special!  At that conference it was announced that Orem would be reciveing a temple!

Shennannigans at Grandpa's house!

Maxwell and Devon were raiding the candy.

Tommy and Bridger were also hoping for some candy.

General Conference breakfast was served at Dad's house!  YUMMMMMMM!

General Conference began and the kids were excited to listen (if they heard certain words, then they got to choose one candy quietly).

We had quite the gathering and a delicious buffet of appetizers in between conference sessions. 

Lily doing a bit of drawing or homeschool.

The drive back home was a pretty one!

Amara taking pictures at our photography class

Lily was also enjoying our photography class.

Our relief society chose to go on a trip to the Salt Lake Temple one Saturday, before it's 4 year closure for renovation.  It was wonderful!  My sister April even drove up from Payson to join us!

Woah! My daughter is a BEAUTIFUL firebird!

Cute puppy cuddles!

This menu is at Kim's Cafe.  It's the only picture I have of the place, but April was in town and Mom and I took her there.  We had Pho.  Then, later that night mom swelled up huge and her skin was weeping and itchy.  We're not sure if it was something she ate or one of the many potions she had been using to try to stop itching.

We took mom to the ER

This picture was taken when she was still in the ER, but I'm happy to say that after a night in the hospital she looked MUCH better than this.

Amara helped make this delicious meal with her favorite- IMPOSSIBLE PIE!  We also had a myriad of garden goodness to partake of like acorn squash, watermelon, cucumbers and carrots.

This was just a flashback picture from when we went to Las Vegas to meet Grandpa Guting.  Micah's family met us down there and Jaxon and Amara were soo cute together!

Flashback: Devon and baby Tommy

Another cute flashback: Devon and baby Tommy.

Amara made a cake for our Come Follow Me family home evening.

Amara wanted a motivator to complete her math tests with 100%, so she asked if she could earn a "squishy toy" for all her 100% tests.  I agreed and she has done SO WELL!  She has not missed a problem since we implemented it.  This yellow squishy is balancing on her knee.

SNOW!  Before Halloween?  Yep, and it killed our garden.  We had nary a tomato.

The divider in this picture is our door to the garage.  On the left you see our puppy sleeping in the entry and on the right is our cat sleeping in the garage.
Time for puppy vaccinations.

Amara made a great old lady for Halloween.  She did her own makeup and we put baby powder in her hair to make it gray.

Lily was a scarecrow and our cat smokey posed like a crreeepy cat for the picture.

We went to the church for the annual trunk or treat
On Halloween we had a fun party!  The kids invited friends over for snacks and games.

In case anyone wanted a healthy dinner amid all the candy and sweets, we had some delicious cabbage soup leftovers.

Timed apple stacking game