Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recitations and Joyful Tunes...

A couple weeks ago, Stephen and I started reciting an Article of Faith each night before the girls went to bed. It's amazing to me how quickly our children learn. Lily can now recite the first and second Articles of Faith. Amara is even picking up on it a bit. Her version is "We believe... Eternal Father... and Holy Ghost! Here's a video of Lily reciting what she knows.

Amara has become quite the singer. Our nursery at church takes the children into the primary room for a 10 minute singing time in between the senior and junior primaries. Today, when we went to church, she ran straight into the primary room instead of the nursery. I told her that we had to go to nursery first, and she said, "No! Me want ta sing!" So, I picked her up and carried her towards the nursery and tried to explain to her that they would go to sing pretty soon, but she had to go play with toys first. She cried and cried. She just wanted to sing. Here is her version of "I love to see the temple."

See-a temp-o,
Goin' someday,
Fee-holy pow-it,
Liss-n ad obey-ey,
Fo a temp-o hows a god,
A pace lud an boo-tee,
Pen my-sewf,
Dis is sayk-kid duty-ee!


Bobbie said...

This is quite the video to see! I am so proud of Lily and Amara, not to mention their parents. They get it and they are so young! Or maybe because I don't get it and I am so old?! Actually, they are so incredible smart and they don't know it! That's what makes them cute! Amara's song is difficult and so is Lily's 'adam's transgression'. I don't think I knew transgression existed at her age. :)

Kronos said...

That's one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time.

LyndiLou said...

OH MAN... that is the best thing ever!!! Both of those videos are just too cute! What a good little Mom you are! Super impressed!

Doralee said...

You're children are amazing!! You both are awesome parents! It is obvious to see that you are spending time on the most important things. I think it's great that you are giving your girls opportunities to feel the spirit at such a young age. It will pay off as they get older and continue to grow in the gospel.