Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pet-Sitting for Melanie

Summers are always packed with a TON of fun that I just can't keep up with blogging about it. So... WAY BACK IN JUNE...

 My girls accepted a job from my friend, Melanie, to watch her animals while they were gone on vacation for a week.  They have a tortoise named "Pig," a dog named "Jewels," and a cat and chickens.  Since my kids don't have pets, I thought they'd really enjoy doing these chores, and I was right.
 We got to keep the eggs from the chickens, which was awesome.  Amara even brought her own tiny basket because that's what she wanted to gather the eggs with.  :)
 The rooster wasn't very friendly, so we just locked him out of the hen house when it was time to collect the eggs.
 We took Jewels for a walk, which was a TON of work because that animal is so STRONG and she pulls the entire time and fights the leash if you try to slow her down or stop her.  She's also a biter if she is being made to do something she doesn't want to.
 The tortoise was so easy to care for.  Just water and food.  He likes apple slices.

 Jewels is a puppy still and has a lot of energy ready to escape.  Look how happy she is below.

She wanted to jump all over Madi and Jax, so Lily was being their hero.
 One day, we had a good time (after the chores were done) jumping on the trampoline!
 Steve gave each of the kids a turn for a "big bounce."

We also watered the lawn and garden.  We had a good time, even though it was about an hour's worth of work each day.