Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Powdered Sugar Donuts Make Us SMILE!

It was a crazy Saturday morning for me- rushing around to get all the supplies to grout my bathroom shower with my dad- so nutrition got pushed down the priority list. I popped open a box of powdered sugar donuts and rushed out the door, grabbing a few for myself and leaving the rest for Steve and the kids. I think you can tell by Amara's and Lily's perfectly powdered smiles that they enjoyed breakfast that day.
The amount of powder on Lily's face as compared to Amara's is typical of their different eating styles. Lily is meticulously careful and concerned about how messy she gets, often times using only 2 or 3 fingers to hold the donut, and being careful not to touch anything else with those "dirty" fingers (not even her cup) until she's cleaned off. Amara takes a donut much like a dog would, as quickly as possible, chewing only enough to not choke, and many times she lives the theory, "if it doesn't fit, shove it," and does the palm press to squeeze morsels through her tiny mouth cavity. I wonder how old she'll be when we get to stop reminding her to take smaller bites and to chew her food more.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zucchini or "Bikini" as Amara would say

Lily and Amara are trying to make the monster zucchini stand up. They were unsuccessful; however, the whole attempt delivered plenty of laughs.
We're loving being a part of our community garden. We've had lots of zucchinis, some more like the size of a watermelon! One such zucchini, we peeled and shredded and with it made 3 loaves of zucchini bread, zucchini mac and cheese, zucchini tempura, zucchini sushi, and froze 12 cups of grated zucchini. Above is a picture of that zucchini and below is the sushi.

It was a Sunday afternoon, Amara was napping, so Lily and I decided to take on the monster zucchini. We armed ourselves with the grating attachment to the salad shooter, and went to work. It took awhile, but we ended up with a good gallon of zucchini shreds.
More garden love...

The small zucchini is actually about a foot in length, but check out the monster beside it. That one is the largest yet- 10 pounds! Yes, we weighed it. I've used half of it to make a yummy zucchini parmigiana. Some of it also ended up in our garden salsa. What next???

Stucco is on.

September is here and the stucco is completed. Our sheetrock and stucco guys worked very industriously and efficiently, and I love their work. The picture makes the house look more grey than it actually is. In real life it has more greenish undertones to it. The concrete steps and driveway pad are being poured this week, our interior doors and trim are going up, my dad and I will be grouting the shower this weekend, and the painters will be arriving Monday! Yay for progress!

Construction continues...

Ah. Here are a few photos from August.

Roof done. They're prepping for stucco.

Roofing almost complete. Electrical going in.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jaxon's lunchtime snooze...

When we were visiting Micah and Mandy, I had the opportunity to help babysit my cute nephew. Jaxon, fell asleep while eating his lunch. Glad I had my camera handy.
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