Sunday, April 7, 2019

Devon's Spring Break- April's Family Visits Us!

When April's family came to visit over Devon's Spring Break, we had a grand ol time!  I got in contact with my friend Tara who let us come and hold her baby goats.  They were all so CUTE!

My other friend, Shiloh, also had a new baby animal, a foal!  We went over there after Tara's house and saw that beautiful and adorable baby!

April's family was here to see the dance production with Lily and Amara performing.  Steve and I were actually teaching our photography class at that time and we showed them how to use their cameras in low light.
 I honestly don't remember all the fun we had, but we apparently went to Vernal, out to eat at Win On Asian buffet.  April's baby Bridger actually liked eating lemons.  He's definitely her child!
 Fun with her Aunty!
 April and I did an application video for Relative Race.  We didn't get chosen, but it was fun anyways!  All things with April equals FUNNN!