Monday, November 7, 2011

Spooks! Sneaks! And Sweets!

Halloween has come and gone,
We had a spook-tacular time,
Amara was the cutest chicken,
Lily, a witch sublime.

Our church had a trunk or treat
Two days before the big day,
Dad, a clown, Grandma, a gift,
And a witch-mom on display.
Ten minutes and a hundred steps later,
The girls came back, their bags heavy,
What a way to earn a load of
Sugar, sweets, and tooth-rotting candy!

Perhaps you think this story ends
After this evening masquarade,
But no!  Oh no!  There's more to eat,
For Halloween is in 2 days!

So, costumes and makeup they willingly wore,
And out they went to explore,
To join the neighborhood trick-or-treaters,
In their yearly, fruity-ful chore!

The trunk-or-treat was at our church, and it was basically a half hour of passing out sweets, then a potluck soup dinner.  Really fun and yummy.  We had a huge turnout and passed out around 150 pieces of candy.  My favorite costume that night was the cowpie!
And my favorite carved pumpkin on Halloween was this one:

Halloween was so fun this year!  The weather was perfect for us.  We didn't even have to put coats on!  The girls got a lot of candy, which they happily left for the candy fairy (after eating a few of their favorites first).  The candy fairy left them a cool instrument they can play to their hearts desire.  What a silly tradition trick-or-treating is, but I love it!  I got to go around with my girls to knock on doors in my mom's neighborhood (our old neighborhood) and meet new people.  It was so fun!

Steve stayed home to pass out candy.  But he ended up eating it all because no one came.  He probably appreciated it that way since he was watching a football game! :)
Check out the Smilebox Scrapbook I made about our halloween this year and a few pages dedicated to Halloweens of years past (yes, even you iphone and ipod users should be able to view it- and if you can't leave me a comment).  Also, I didn't have pictures from last year, but Steve's mom did (thanks!), and she emailed me them, so I've included a collage of a few of my favorites at the end of this post.
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 Last year we were in "happy valley" for Halloween, so here's the Halloween 2010 collage...
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