Sunday, May 12, 2024

Lagoon! Family Trip


You can't tell but it's super windy! 

Our family wasn't sure if we were going to make it to Lagoon because Lily and Amara had been sick with heavy colds all week.  Luckily, by Thursday they were both feeling better enough that we decided to make the trip out there.  My Tech High offered us a discounted rate during the "schools only" Friday, working out to be about half the price it would normally cost.

 We drove to Orem the night before to stay with my dad and Deb, which was so nice so that we didn't have to wake up super early and already be tired from a long drive. On our way down, we stopped for dinner at Texas Roadhouse to use Steve's birthday gift card.  That place was crazy busy even on a Thursday night at 8pm.  The food was delicious, though they messed up our order on multiple items, which they made right.  We enjoyed that long time at our table just visiting with each other.  That was my favorite.  We don't often have that time these days to just sit, screens gone, and visit.

The next morning, the girls wanted to be there for the rope drop, so we left at 8am from my dad's.  It was a windy drive and when we arrived, the wind was so strong, I immediately put on my winter coat over my light jacket.  I tried to wear my sunhat, but that wasn't going to work with all that wind.  We got into the park and the timing was perfect for rope drop, but there was one problem.  All the rides that were in the air were closed down until the wind calmed.  That left very few options.  

We decided to go to look at the museums in Pioneer Village.  I love that place.  It's probably my favorite thing at Lagoon, so I'm glad we got to go look around leisurely without the pressure of trying to get on to the next big ride.  There's some really cool history there and a picturesque park nestled in nature with mature trees and peacocks roaming.

Yes.  That's a dunce cap in the corner.  Hanging next to it is a really old map.  The desks and chairs were all very small.

I loved this little house.  The gingerbread features, the stained glass, the small furniture, it was like going into a life sized doll house.  The curtains and finishings were so ornate.  

I love an interesting door! Such character!

This is a view of the ceiling of the portico above the front door.  Look at the details.  Are those frogs?

The Normal Department? Yes.  I just looked it up.  The University of Deseret offered 3 degree paths: a Classical course of four years; a Scientific course of three years, and a Normal course of two years.  That university was eventually changed to the University of Utah.  It is amazing to me that people organize full universities from such little means.  Read the history here:
I'm just amazed at the skill of people.  This carving of Joseph Smith is one example.

Look at those inlays and the incredible design.

Another view of the table from above.  This is housed in the Rock Chapel.

This is one beautiful building in a beautiful setting!
This was not always a chapel.  It was also a fort through 2 battles, a community center, a city building, and also a public school. 

The flowers were beginning to bloom.  Steve in the background posing for the pic.

The wind eventually lessened around lunchtime and rides began to open up more. We waited in a 3 hour line to ride Primordial together.  It was a blast! Not the wait, but the ride.  It is Amara's all-time Lagoon favorite and I'm so glad that my health allowed me to enjoy it with the family.  It was about as big of a thrill ride as my POTS can take, I think.  There's a section where you go backwards really fast, and I had to take a quick moment to recover, but it was really a fast quick moment, it really wasn't that bad.  And there was also a 360 screen experience that was a little much for my motion sickness, so I just looked down and I was fine then.  The best part was the unexpected drop.  That was so fun!  I heard people say the 3 hour wait wasn't worth it, but from my point of view, the wait was part of our lagoon experience and family togetherness time.  We played games together like heads-up and icebreakers from apps on our phone. I think the line was so slow because the ride kept having technical difficulties.  It's still pretty new.

Teriyaki chicken bowls from Teriyaki Stix

The indoor part of the cue for Primordial

Hello spring!

Steve has always been fashion forward, so forward in fact that fashion industry can't keep up.

Long wait.  Ride in the background.

Because Amara is a little more ok with certain roller coasters now (after going to Lagoon with friends and trying a few), we got to enjoy some rides as a family this time instead of having to split up so much.  We went on the Wild Mouse and the wooden roller coaster.  I haven't been on those since I was a kid and it was so nostalgic and fun to ride them again.  We did those rides a couple times.  Again, I'm so thankful for my health at this time.  

Wild picture of the Wild Mouse Ride.

Steve loves the big coasters but wild mouse is his absolute scariest ride.  The entire first part where it looks and feels like you're going to fall off the track is so unnerving for him.  That whole section he was proclaiming, "I HATE THIS!  I HATE THIS!" When Steve and I rode in the front, it was even scarier!  I was totally screaming on those turns.  Then it goes into the little coaster part and it's a relief.  

We also rode the carousel, which had basically no line, and got to see the baby kangaroos.  They're so cute!

Carousel.  No line! So nostalgic.

Baby kangaroo!

We did eventually split up so Lily and Steve could ride some real-thrills.  Amara and I took the sky tram, rode the train, had ice cream with a peacock at the pioneer village.

We got the back seat on the train!  Our favorite!

Our picnic table for our ice cream date was frequented by the peacocks.

As evening rolled around, lots of the students had left the park and many rides had short lines.  Lily and Steve went on wicked 3 times, We all joined up and went on The Roller Coaster and wild mouse again.  Then we decided to try primordial one last time.  We got there and the line looked significantly shorter, so we hopped in.  The line seemed to be moving faster than it had earlier in the day too, that is until the ride experienced technical difficulties.  We stayed in line. Hopeful. We had front row seats to the problem.  One of the cars didn't turn around to face the proper direction.  We watched as technicians fiddled.  We watched the sun set, which was gorgeous.  We watched as people left the line. We remained hopeful.  Then, they closed the line to all the riders who were beyond the lockers.  We were only a few people from that.  But all that waiting paid off and they got the ride up and running again.  The park had closed but they let us finish out the night and ride.  YAY! 

Look at that beautiful sunset cloud!

The riders are stuck at the top of the hill.

Worried because this ride keeps having problems.  Just kidding about being worried.

Flowers and sunset at the park while in line.

I made it through the gate to Primordial.  Cool view behind me.

Sisters selfie while in line for Primordial

Steve and I on the sky ride tram.  The girls are right behind us.  A couple school boys passing us from the other direction on the tram were begging us to kiss, so we did and they started cheering. 

It was a full day of adventure at Lagoon.  Our feet and legs were spent!  We drove back to my dad's house and looked forward to a good night's sleep.

We took our time waking up in the morning, and I got to visit with my dad for a bit until we had to leave.  Steve had a test to get back home for (he's getting his master's degree on an accelerated timeline).  I helped him study on our way home by quizzing him from his notes. P.S. He passed the test.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Debby's 2024 Derby Party


Donning our fanciest hats and all dressed up, Me, Amara, and my mom headed down the canyon for a quick day trip to the Wasatch Front to Debby's Kentucky Derby Party.
It was the first weekend in May, Spring had sprung and it was a beautiful Saturday.  Debby's tree was beginning to blossom in her backyard.
Amara and Lily begged to come to the Derby party this year.  We had to miss it last year, but we had such fun memories from the year before, the girls really wanted to be there.  Unfortunately Lily got sick and couldn't make it. 
Amara and Me :)

Mandy, Lyndsi, Ashley (due in 8 days), April, and Me

The festivities include fantastic food!  Several people brought a luncheon potluck item to contribute.  Everything was delicious and the table was set perfectly with the theme!  There were red roses (roses are the flower of the derby), gold utensils, cups that looked like the traditional ones that mint julep is served in at the derby, red table cloth, rose napkins, and even a loot bag for each of us.  

Variety of crackers

Sliced Apples with cinnamon-pb-yogurt dip (I brought this one)

Hot Browns (a derby classic: ham, bacon, tomato, mournaise sauce on a roll) made by my dad, April's cucumber sandwiches with a dill-yogurt spread, Mandy's Roast Beef Sliders

Charcuterie cups, and a spinach salad

My loot bag!

More mint julep!  It's basically a quart of homemade mint lemonade mixed with 3 liters of zero calorie lemon-lime soda.  Delicious! 

Our individual mint juleps

We had a scratch off card and there were 2 winners.  I WON and so did Amara!  It earned us $5 each!

The pretty tables.  There were 3 set up for all the guests!

My place setting

After our luncheon and playing a few games, we all cast our guesses for the derby winners, then took a picture with all of us.  It was a lovely afternoon. Most people left, but April stayed and so did my little crew.  We wanted to watch the race which was a couple hours later.  Winner got $20.  

It was lots of fun to watch the race.  It went fast, maybe 2 minutes.  It was amazing watching the horses run.  They are incredible animals.  I hope they are treated well.  All of my well-thought-out guesses were non-winners. Oh well. My mom however chose 2 of the 3 top ones!  She won.  

Many thanks to Debby for all her planning, preparation and generosity in gathering us together for this fun event.  Making memories like this are precious and I'll cherish this one.  I brought Lily some things home so she could enjoy just a little of it.  Debby also sent us home with a half-dozen roses. So, it may have been 4+ hours of driving, but well worth it.