Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Harry the Horse Poem 2

Amara decided to write another Harry the Horse poem today.  I read it before I saw her picture and her picture is just priceless.  I love her imagination and creativity!  Here's her poem:

Harry the horse was a crazy dwarf!
For Halloween, of course.

He put on a beard,
And a ring in his nose,
And paraded around,
Strike a pose!

Flash went the camera
In the Halloween photo stand,
He came back, sat,
Happy as a clam.

He painted his hooves,
They looked like feet.
He added fake arms,
What a feat!

Harry the horse was a crazy dwarf,
For Halloween, of course!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Our Poet Amara

Today instead of practicing cursive in her handwriting notebook, she concocted this illustrated poem.  It brought me smiles. 

Harry the horse was silly, of course
He chases butterflies and eats weeds.
A silly horse...

"One ice cream please!"
He says it with charm, hard to resist,
That's why he gets all his ice cream for free!

He licks the cone, sloppity slop!
It drops to the floor, and eventually
Freezes into a big block.

He brought it inside,
A wonder to see...
That in his fridge, he had three!
A silly horse, 
A funny horse,
But he always says, "please."