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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Lani's 37th Birthday

Cinnamon toast, scrambled eggs with ketchup smiley face, and a mandrin orange
 Guys!  I was spoiled on my birthday.  My sweet Amara made me breakfast in "bed," but since I was already up and doing my scripture study in the office, she brought it to me there.
Amara and I with the yummy breakfast

Lily and I
 The girls decorated the living room for me!  Amara also surprised me with a shower of confetti as I walked out to start doing Zumba.
 Then my mom and girls joined me for Zumba-ing!
 My mom took me out to lunch.  I tried to eat light because I knew we were going out to eat for dinner.  Well even with my "light" eating I was still full when dinner came around.  So, instead of going somewhere nicer in Vernal, I opted to stay close and eat at China Star.

I ate maybe 2 bites and was so done.  I took the rest home for lunch the next day.

I saved a corner of my stomach for a bite of Amara's cake she had been working on all afternoon.  We assembled it together when we got home.  It was a triple layer red velvet cake with chocolate chips in it, and the middle layer was basically a cheesecake (cream cheese, whip cream, vanilla pudding), and the whole thing was covered in fudge frosting.

 She decorated it so cute just for me!

See the yummy layers?  Also, see the tired Steve in the background?
 We ended the night with big slices of cake and a couple games of Kingdomino, a fun game we got for Christmas from Micah and Mandy's family.
The relief society presidency also took me to lunch for my birthday on a different day. We went to a new place called "High Country Pizza."  I had a calzone and enjoyed the company of my fellow sisters I serve with.  The food was good, too.

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Margaret Christensen said...

Happy for you. Some nice surprises there.