Monday, March 4, 2024

Steve's Birthday Weekend

Steve scooping one of his favorite things- ICE CREAM!
This year we traveled to the Wasatch Front to visit family for Steves birthday.  It was fun to get to spend it with his family this year!  We had a delicious birthday lunch with Bev and Laurel's families as well as Steve's parents.  Since we didn't make it out there for Christmas, we also were given our Christmas gifts.  

Our Christmas gifts- fire extinguishing blankets

It was Daphne's birthday celebration, too.

Eva explaining how she juggles 4 balls

Echo lining up the tiles and Grandma watching

My nephew Jay was selling homemade bundt cakes for his fundraiser for band.  I found out about it the morning of Steve's birthday and I ordered one for Steve and paid to have it delivered to his parent's house.  The cake was delectable.  It was a moist chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.  It was beautiful and so tasty.  They delivered it and said their happy birthdays.  It was awesome.

The next day was my sister April's birthday.  We originally were going to be driving home at that time, but a mountain snow storm changed our plans and we stayed an extra day.  Steve took off Monday and we traveled home then.
My dad made a stuffed Salmon with homemade hollandaise

Cilantro lime rice, italian green salad, hot cheesy krab dip, and texas caviar.

Alexa made a really cute gift for April.  It was a scavenger hunt.

Time to go home-

It was a good stay, but the time came to go home.  The main storm had passed, but that didn't mean the weather was nice.  Thankfully we made it home safely.

left to right: Steve, Art (his dad), Me, Lily, Margaret (Steve's mom), and Amara

Crap visibility

Pretty trees coated in fresh snow


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