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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Texas Day 4: Blueberries and the Lake

On the way to the lake house, we stopped by a U-Pick blueberry farm. That was a fun experience and with both our family and Jake's, we picked enough pounds to equal 60 something dollars in blueberries. I like that we were encouraged to eat blueberries along the way so that we could test them for ripeness, there were all kinds of varieties. they had flags directing people which rows of blueberries were ready to be picked.  I know for a fact that the blueberries I picked were the tastiest.

after the farm, we headed off to the lake house, a two-hour drive. We decided to stop off for lunch at a Texas known establishment called Whataburger. We had heard from our shuttle car driver a few days previous that Whataburger is the best, so of course we had to try it. My review on it is that it was fine, just like every other fast food burger place in my opinion, but I'm glad I got to try it since it is a Texas thing.

After arriving at the lake house and setting up things, we finished the night off with a phenomenal boat ride into the sunset with Captain Kelli at the helm!

Since this blogging app that I am using on my phone seems to place pictures in random order, you get to just sift through them. Enjoy!
It was so sweet to see Brooklyn so fond of Lily.

Texas Day 3: Pizza and Pool Party at the Rich's

While Kelli was at a meeting for school, Jake took us on a fun and free trolley ride which was a nice little tour of the business district. And it is a beautiful place, with a canal meandering its way between the buildings, a walking path flanking it. I loved the little park by their library, too. Wish I had taken pictures of it.

It was a hot day and it made sense to eat lunch at home and take it easy in the afternoon, we even maybe took a nap. Then when Kelli got home we made plans with her mom to go swimming at her pool. She lives maybe 15 minutes away. She even ordered pizza for us and fed us from her garden some tasty, ripe tomatoes. Steve relaxed poolside with his camera and a good book. The rest of us enjoyed the perfect temperature of the warm-cool water in their beautiful pool.

We were also privileged to have a garden tour and house tour. They live in a serene place.  I just loved getting to spend time with my family and Kelli's. 🥰
Steve enjoys photographing and relaxing poolside
the gorgeous garden tour begins
Family time on the town trolley!
The sunsets are magnificent in Texas, too!
berries planted in a row

Garden tomatoes and caprese salad with garden basil!!! Yum yum yum yum!

BBQ with the Hotel Owners

We live about a mile from the Best Western Plus hotel.  My mom got a job there doing housekeeping of the public areas.  Well, it turns out that every summer the owners invite all the employees and their families to their home for a company party. Yay! That means us! So last Friday we went to Vernal and enjoyed the barbecue and all the fun activities! There was a couple blow up toys- a bounce house and a slide, volleyball net, horseshoes, cornhole, blow up screen for outdoor movies, a snow cone machine, a net tree swing, and a playground. There were tons of trees and lots of shade, a beautiful deck and gazebo, and wonderful torches keeping the mosquitoes somewhat at bay.

For dinner (my mom and I even got to help prepare some of it when we arrived), we had beef hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixin's and condiments, chips, watermelon, baked beans, cookies and brownies.

We had a grand old time! Here are some of the pictures we took.