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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Ability of Trees

Sun., Mar. 1, 2009
Tonight in Lily's bedtime prayer she said something so profound that I still don't know what it means.  In the middle of her prayer she stated, "and I know that trees have ability."  Then she went on praying about other things.  I thought it was cute.  Her prayer lasted awhile and when she was done I forgot to ask her what exactly it means that trees have ability.  I would like to know her answer to that.

---Update:  Mon., Mar. 2, 2009
So, this morning, I asked Lily what it meant that trees have ability. I was expecting a cute answer that didn't make much sense, but instead her answer reminded me that I have yet again underestimated Lily's ability. She's just so smart. Here's what she said: "That means they have dirt to grow in and the ability to have leaves."


Bobbie's Retreat said...

INSIGHTFUL~ Wish I could say that came from my side of the family but I don't think I knew what the word ability was, let alone I was just a child not having the ability to know trees had abilities! Did I say abilities?? ;) She is amazing!

Heather said...

Deep! what a girl! she is going to be a very bright girl!