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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots More Ears

Lily did really well during conference.  On her own, she sat quietly on the couch and listened, for the most part.  But near the end, she was restless and came next to me and started talking, not directly to me, but just chatting away about whatever.  I was wholly concentrating on the speaker and intently writing notes, so I asked her to speak a little quieter.  That's when I heard her whisper this phrase.

"Aww.  I wish you had lots more ears so you could listen to the prophets and listen to me at the same time."

Feeling guilty, I was reminded of the LDS commercials promoting making time to listen, "Isn't it about time?"  So, I paused General Conference (another reason to get a DVR if you don't have one), and asked Lily what she wanted to talk about.  She didn't have anything she wanted to talk about.  She was just bored.  

1 comment:

Steve said...

Lani, I love this story. Lily is so intelligent and creative! I can't get over what a bright child she is. I love your blog. It helps me not feel so far from family. Love,
Aunt Doralee