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Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Sweat" and the "Wrong Thing."

Lily is potty trained, but she doesn't always want to interrupt her day to go and use the bathroom, so she holds it as long as she can, then sprints to the bathroom and in a frenzy she tries to remove her clothing to make it on the toilet in time.  I've been trying to command her to use the bathroom when I notice that she's holding it.  
One such instance happened the other day.  It was after lunch and I noticed Lily looking quite uncomfortable crossing her legs tightly, slightly bending over, and bouncing a little.  
"Go to the bathroom, Lily."  I told her.
"No thanks, Mom."  She replied.  "I think I'll just bounce and sweat."
I'm still laughing at that.


The girl I babysit doesn't always listen to me.  One day I told her not to go in the bathroom and take out Lily's hair accessories without asking me.   A few minutes later, she was taking Lily's hair things again, so I told her, "Katie, when I ask you to do something and you don't listen, you're doing the wrong thing.  You need to ask me if you want those."
She responded, "Lani Christensen, can I do the wrong thing?"


The Gull Family said...

So cute!!!

lilypadhorsepizza said...

Super funny mom. I forgot I said" I think I'll just bounce and sweat." A good thing is that you have a look it up bar.