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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rachel's Wedding at Wadley Farms

We enjoyed going to Wadley Farms in Lindon, Utah for Rachel's wedding. We weren't going to be in town for it, but we decided we could prolong our trip in Utah Valley to support my cousin. It was a really pretty place, and both the wedding and reception were beautiful. I'm glad we stayed. Of course, I couldn't leave without using this opportunity for a family photo shoot. The weather was so nice, and the landscaping was all so gorgeous, I just couldn't leave without capturing it!

Yes, there's a cow on the other side of that fence. Actually, there were a few cows, but one in particular must've thought we had food to feed it, because the second we approached the gate, he walked right up to us. I think he waited a minute or so before he lifted his tail... then it was time to leave.
I love it when my girls are nice to eachother. Aw, so cute.

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m:o)mME said...

aww, I miss u guys! I'm glad u'all made the decision to stay a little longer. I love these pics, especially the fountain w/ the innocence of Lily and Amara capturing the awe of a fountain and that thoughtful kiss Lily had for Amara! :) :)luv u guys!