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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Puppy Waffles!

I should clarify that these waffles are not made from puppies, but rather they were made to resemble puppies. Whole grain waffles, spread with vanilla yogurt, a little Fat free Cool Whip, and a mixture of cold berries. Genius- and no leftovers ;)I love smiles at breakfast time! I'm not sure what Lily is looking at, but she seems happy.

Amara contemplating her first bite...

Without the berries on the ears

With berries on the ears. The more the merrier!
{This tasty breakfast was actually last month (January), I just never got around to blogging it until now}


Doralee said...

You are such a fun mom, Lani! Of all the blogs I follow yours is my favorite. I have the cutest nieces ever!

The Drizz said...

Yum! These waffles look delicious! You are so creative. I love hearing about all your cooking creations.