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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kindergarten- Yay!

 Here's a close up picture of Lily's first homework assignment (due her first day of school).  She was to cut out the cardstock gingerbread-shaped person and then decorate it to look like herself (with the help of a parent) using things around the house.  She loves the color purple, if you can't tell.  She made the clothes out of foam sheets and cut it out herself.  I helped her staple the purple raffia hair to the paper.  Then she decorated with stickers I had.

Lily loves her teacher.  She really is a very sought-after teacher, requested by almost everyone who has a kindergartener.  We're so happy Lily got her!
We had Lily's first parent-teacher-student conference a while back and she tells me Lily is far ahead of any of her students (It's not surprising to me.  She was the one that was initiating her reading lesson everyday so she could learn to read when she was 4.).  Lily is enjoying all the fun things she's been able to do in Kindergarten like field trips, art time, library time, P.E., and playing on the playground.  I've started volunteering in her classroom once a week for an hour, and it's fun to see her at school and meet her classmates as well.

So, I know I'm two and a half months late with this post, but better late than never.

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