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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Circus Came to Vernal!

This was one FUN event!  Two weeks ago we went to Vernal to see the Circus that had come to town.  We decided to go to the matinee and have Amara miss her nap, but we were certain she would love the show.  She really loved the show,even though her expression in the picture above shows her tired side.  After each performance, Amara would stand in front of her seat and attempt the performance she just saw.  If the elephants were sitting on a stool and spinning in circles, she would sit and start spinning in circles.  She wanted to balance on my lap like a tight rope walker, which I didn't let her do until it was time for intermission.  Lily was completely absorbed in the show and had such a great time.  She really wanted to ride the elephant and camel and ponies but our budget replied, maybe another time.  

All in all, the show exceeded our expectations and was well worth the $24 we spent to get our family plus my mom in to see it (thanks to coupons and special deals for teachers).  We saw all you'd expect to see at a circus- the flying trapeze artists, tight rope walkers, roaring tigers, skipping elephants, bears that sit and rock on large rocking horses, silly clowns, scary motorcycle daredevils, insane jugglers of knives and fire (hoping Amara realizes the danger in that and doesn't try to mimic it), impressive quick change act, and the list goes on and on.  No video taping was allowed, but we were allowed to take pictures, so enjoy the slideshow.  Click on the link below.
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The Christensen Family said...

Not that you can really see in the pictures that I took, but both the girls picked out the clothes they wanted to wear to the circus because they wanted to look the part. They did a good job picking bright colors and odd combinations.