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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm glad they could meet him before he passed away, but I wish my hubby and kids could've known my grandpa the way I did. He taught me how to make adobo. He taught me how to repair and fix a bike. He'd let me watch tv on his lap. He made our yard happy and our garage organized, and created needed storage under our deck in the desert heat of summer. And boy could he drive our V W van at record breaking speeds in reverse! He loved to joke around and he had energy enough to play with his grand kids after a hard day of work. Grandpa always smelled nice and had his hair combed. That scar under his eye was from his service in the marines. The window on the jeep swung around and hit him when the driver took a sharp turn. He kept a dictionary with him to look up words he needed defined and he'd mark the word and write the date next to it, that way he could see what he looked up before and when. I caught him reading his bible on his bed. He told me that he has a book of Mormon on a shelf at home with a picture of Moroni statue on the cover. Said maybe he'd pick it up someday. I love my grandpa! Here's some pics from my mom's collection.

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Amanda Lauret said...

I love this post! It's fun to see some pictures of Grandpa when he was young. Is that your mom in the 2nd picture? It looks SO MUCH like April!