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Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching up... Mother's Day 2012

Mother's day this year was wonderful!  The day before Mother's day, Steve offered to let me go out to eat with my mom, so my mom and I went to La Cabana Mexican restaurant.  They happened to be giving mothers 50% off their meals that day, so we definitely had smiles on our faces.  We had a lovely meal, and just as we were going up to the cash register to pay, in walks Steve and my girls, holding a pretty bouquet of flowers for me and a homemade candy bar poster for grandma.  I love that Steve took the girls to the store and bought the poster board and candybars, then helped the girls assemble the card for grandma.  It was so darn cute!  That was such a surprise and it really made my (and my mom's) day!  

Then the next morning I could hear little steps come into my room.  I peeked my eyes open a bit and there were my girls standing with smiles on their faces and holding a tray of my breakfast in bed.  It was so thoughtful and adorable!  They made it themselves- They got me a yogurt (and even remembered a spoon!), and washed 2 strawberries and wrapped them in a paper towel (how cute is that?) and brought me a box of oatmeal packets.  Lily explained, "We didn't know how to make the oatmeal, so we just brought you the whole box."  So cute!  And what a surprise that their little hands could prepare all that for me without me hearing them get up!  There little breakfast for me that morning brought a smile to my face and melted my heart.  I truly felt spoiled.

I wanted to share the few pictures I had from mothers day, but as I got going, I really wanted to share my feelings about how joyous it is to be a mother.  I started reminiscing and looking through pictures of my babies, and I just had to share them.  So, I made a scrapbook with some of them.  It makes me so happy to be a mother.  It is a true blessing and my children really are my joy!

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Amanda Lauret said...

Love this post. So fun seeing the girls when they were so tiny! I can't believe how grown up they are now. Being a mom is awesome-- and you are definitely a great mom!!