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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Steve's First Prom, Our Night In Paris

I love this pic of us.  We totally look like a prom couple!

Our Young Women in our ward put together a really fun prom night for the adults.  They provided babysitting!!!  Additionally they made the night special with a fully decorated gym using the theme "A Night in Paris" (just like a real prom!), they made a backdrop for pictures, centerpieces on the tables, and had tasty refreshments, and even crowned a king and queen.  Steve has been to dances before, but not a formal prom.  We tried our best to match his tie to my dress, but we didn't have time to get a corsage and boutonniere. :) We had so much fun.  After Steve got warmed up, and stopped looking around to see who was watching him, we danced the night away like 2 ballerinas (minus the ballerinas and insert out-of-shape dancing bears)!  I've been to a few proms in my life, but this one was definitely the best.  And I know it was the best for Steve too.  Oh!  And I'm in love with my prom date.

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

OHMYGOSH! How fun is that?! Truly this was one prom that got away from the parent paparazzi!! What a great idea for a date night. You are too funey @ ____ dancing bears! I love this picture of you both :) really nice!