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Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Cedar City Stay... back in July!

Making Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream!!!
 Since we were in Southern Utah for Steve's family reunion, we decided to stop by Cedar City and visit Jake, Kelli, and Parker before we came back home.  What good times we had!  We made homemade ice cream, went to the Green Show at the Shakespearean Festival, picked up mom from St. George (she was coming back from Hawaii and her dad's funeral), visited a pioneer museum, ate spam and eggs for breakfast, went on a walk and picked tons of cherries, met the neighbors, went to a cool park, ate out at a Thai restaurant, and of course visited with Jake, Kelli and cute Parker.

Since my memory doesn't serve me so well, and I'm feeling a little lazy, here are the pictures in random order...

The Green Show.  That was my first time and it was so fun and perfect weather!

It was so fun to hang out with Parker.  Here's mom feeding him.  I loved putting him to bed.  He's so cute!

I think Lily liked the idea of eating sugar cereal with a bowl and spoon as big as her head.
 Spam and Eggs and Hashbrowns!  YUM!
 We spent some good time chatting and watching You-Tube sensations on those comfy black leather couches.
 Although he's a shy little guy that prefers to avoid eye contact, conversation, and social eating, I was able to catch this rare photo of Jake exuding confidence and joining us for a meal.  Maybe most of that was a lie, but it's the picture that painted the words in my mind.
 And now for PARKER!  I kid you not.  He's doing sign language to me and saying "I LOVE YOU!"
look who's happy!

Here's some pics of our visit to that pioneer museum.  They were doing kids games and showed the kids a new version of hop scotch.

 We learned about the classrooms from the 1800s and got to sit in a real log school house built in that era.  My kids wanted to try on the dunce cap.

And eventually it was time to say our farewells.  We loved our stay with Jake and Kelli.  Hope it's not too long before we see them again!

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Bobbie said...

This was fun seeing you guys and meeting up spontaneosly in Southern Utah and THANK YOUUUU for taking me back home :) It was precious to be able to see Jake and Kelli and Parker, too and see their new place! I missed them and our little Parker is so dang cute!