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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Amara's Creations

Amara loves to create. Whether its building forts or towers with blocks, sweet notes and drawings or a new snack combination, she keeps imagining and creating. It's a joy to see!

She was being a dog and she built a dog house.

She built towers and pathways out of all the blocks we own.

She finished.

It's bigger than her!

In the picture, there is this girl who is thinking about a man hiding in a tree.  The little man in the tree is saying, "Hey!" and the girl is saying "who?" 

When asked about this picture, Amara said, "I really do love my mom really much!  And the heart reminds me of some of my grandpas who died.  And he's my great-great-great grandpa."

Amara said, "That was a yummy treat!  It was also like a snack.  And it was also for lunch."

Amara created this idea for her lunch.  She put cottage cheese on an apple slice and topped it with a cracker.  She was really excited to try her new creation that I just had to take a picture of it.

It was so good, but a little messy to eat because the cracker kinda smooshed out the cottage cheese.

1 comment:

Amanda Lauret said...

I love it! What a cutie. That note "so dang much" is still making me smile. Sure do love that girl!

Cute new blog header and background, too!!