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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Believing in Fairies

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Lily and Amara made fairy houses.  According to Lily, fairies are real if you believe.  Her friend, Valerie has a book all about fairies and apparently she caught a real fairy and keeps it at her house and named her Seth, but her mom won't let her bring the fairy to school or else her mom will keep the fairy for a week!  But since she knows so much about fairies, she has shared her knowledge with Lily and has made her a believer.  Apparently there is evidence all around that the fairies have come to visit the fairy houses.  Things have been moved around and such.  Oh!  And don't forget to clap so you can save a fairy's life.  I wish Valerie had kept that bit of info secret because now my daughters will start clapping out of the blue with belief in their hearts and hope in their eyes.  And I cringe.  I hope this particular part of the fairy phase is short lived.  Fairy houses are creative and fun, but the clapping... 

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