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Monday, October 6, 2014

Moments from June

I love this.  Amara set up a nice little blogging spot in our garden to update our Wild West Gardeners blog.  Don't you love the shade umbrella?  She is quite the lover of gardening and nature.

Just a random pic of Lily.  You must excuse my foot for photobombing.

Grandpa Christensen made bows and arrows for Lily, Amara, and Jaxon out of some sticks laying around.

He crafted them quite nicely.

And he taught them how to use it properly.

Then they were off and having a great time shooting their sticks and chasing them around the yard.

Sometimes the arrow wouldn't do what it was supposed to.  :)

"We love staying at Aunty Aprils house because we can have dessert for breakfast and watch tons of kids shows!" 

April and Spencer went on a date, and we watched Devon.  We didn't expect to take this little trip to the splash pad, and we were completely unprepared for it, but since it was the end of the day, I figured we'd let the kids have their fun.

Devon was having fun.  He said he was cold, and I asked if he wanted to go home, but he said, "No!" and ran off to play in the water some more.

Lily has discovered one of the glorious gifts from heaven in this life.  Clouds of cream in her mouth.

1 comment:

Amanda Lauret said...

Jaxon loved his bow and arrow! So nice of your father-in-law to make those for the kids. :)