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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Amara's Dream Home

 Amara drew this picture of our dream home the other day.  I love all the details.  Cobblestone walkways to our home and our neighbors homes, TV in the living room and bed in the bedroom, a stage with 2 chairs where they will put on their outdoor performances, horse plows, a big garden with seeds that sprout as soon as you plant them, a shed we share with our neighbors for outdoor tools and things, a playground... but my favorite is probably the van pulling the load of junk.  She told me that all you have to do is fill it with junk and it drives it to the dump for you every day.  Now that's genius!


Margaret Christensen said...

Amazing girl. That's a great dream home. Play, garden and all.

Amanda Lauret said...

Man I want to live there, too! Can she draw a guest house down the way?