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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our August At Random

Fireworks at UBIC (Uintah Basin In Celebration)

Steve's lightning shot

China Star has the best fortunes!  This one is Steve's.

Colorful garden carrots!

A friend in our ward breeds labradoodles and had 18 puppies at once.  I volunteered Steve to take some professional photos for her to put on their website to sell them quicker.  Steve volunteered his time and talents and had a lot of adorable photos, but I'll just put a few on here.  His hard work helped her sell every puppy.  She said his photos helped because there were way more views on her page and the puppies were all gone within 2 weeks, I believe.

Steve in action.  The mama dog was interested.

Our neighbors got chicks.

The girls entered their veggies into the county fair and won some ribbons.

There was an exhibit for veggie creatures.  Lily made the face on the left and Amara made a scorpion on the right.

At the Duchesne County Fair
 Roosevelt got a new pool and the ward had a party there.

Amara got a cute new outfit for her birthday from grandma Debby.  She loved it!

After some friends saw Steve's photos of the puppies, they asked if he would volunteer to take professional pictures of a sweet girl in our ward who has autism and was trying to raise money for a service dog.  I think he did a great job, and everybody loved the pics.  They used them on fundraiser posters all over town.

This is her with her mom and doggie.
 Our ward campout was at Big Springs in Uinta Canyon.  April's family came up and joined us, and mom came along too.

I loved this cute little goat at the county fair.  I want to have one.
 Steve took April's family's pictures.  I thought they were really cute.

 Then Steve took mom's pictures.  She's actually sitting in a ditch off the side of the road by the "Sell Barn" around the corner from our house.

We went up the canyon for a nature walk, and took a few pics when Steve's parents and brother came to visit.

Choose life, Matt!

We also took a trip to Dinosaur National Monument and Josie's cabin.

It's so beautiful here.

This bat was hanging out at the visitor center.

A bunch of foul mouths crossing the street by dinosaur land.

Amara spends her hard earned reading money from her grandma Debby on these expensive collectible horse figurines.

Hanging out on the shady porch on a warm summer day.  Some garden veggies were just harvested.

Steve let me help him set up and decorate his classroom this year.  I worked hard to reorganize his entire library and make his room look more bright and colorful.

Allred's Yard and Garden has this huge gorilla in their store.  Perfect for selfies.

We hired our and got more yard work done.

This pretty girl got her hair cut!

Our girls and their friends Madi and Jax.

Summers give us some beautiful sunsets.

Our garden gave us more good stuff!

3 different beans: emerite pole beans, yellow filet beans, rattlesnake beans.

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