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Monday, January 9, 2017

Amara's Coupon Redeemed: Breakfast!

For Christmas, Amara gave me a little box full of coupons of services she would do for me.  One of them said, "Make you breakfast."  So, I told her the night before that I was going to redeem it, and she made me such a lovely breakfast the next morning.  I was proud of her because we didn't have a lot of easy breakfast options.  We still hadn't gone shopping since being gone for 2 weeks, so there was no milk, eggs, yogurt, or cereal.  She did a great job trying to make me a well-balanced breakfast.  I had a clementine (she peeled it special for me, see video below), 2 pieces of buttered toast, a few pistachios, 3 figgy bites (dried fruit and nuts formed into balls), 3 crackers, and some leftover asian cashew slaw.  I ate every morsel.  She even made me a sweet card wishing me a good day and a bottle of water that said, "Fleece Navidad" (she thought it was funny).
THANK YOU AMARA!  It was a wonderful meal and such a thoughtful Christmas gift!

I often have trouble getting video to work on my blog but if it does, below you'll see the special clementine Amara peeled for me.


Margaret Christensen said...

Way to go, Amara. Good job on a nice breakfast with no eggs or cereal in the house.

Aslam said...

How did I not know about all the things you have going???? What a cool life.
So glad to hear good things about you guys!

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