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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My, my, time flies.

Just reminiscing about when my kids were this small.  Now they're this small...

And, my sweet oldest daughter can almost fit my shoes I found out when we went shopping last Friday.  She complained her shoes were too tight (women's size 7-1/2), so we got her some shoes that fit and she's only a half size from fitting my shoes, and for your information I wear a women's size 9.  I believe she's got her daddy's toes, but the length of her feet are likely long-Lauret.  I have the shoe size of women who are generally several inches taller than I am.  My grandma Lauret and her daughter both wear shoe size 11/12, but they are also much taller than I am at 5'11.  At her growth rate, Lily may even pass me up!  I didn't really think that would ever happen, but there is a chance.  She isn't necessarily tall for her age, but, I'm on the shorter size at 5'5, and both Steve and I have tall women in our family lines.  We shall see in the next few years!

Amara is faster than me.  That may not come as a big surprise to anyone, seeing as my running skills are pretty rusty.  However, she could beat me at a foot race ever since she was 4, I think.  That little girl is "fun-sized" and has a remarkable rotational velocity that can spark her legs into speeds I've always been amazed at.  Next time you're with her, challenge her to a foot race.  It's so fun to watch her run!

So what am I gonna do?  I'm gonna love these girls and improve the precious time I get with them.  The years haven't been many, but the time seems far gone.  A great deal happens in meager spans of minutes, with memories the only lasting threads woven in the fabric of our lives.

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