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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Crazy Christensens Bean Boozled

For Christmas, Steve got a game called Bean Boozled. It is basically a small box filled with Jelly Bellies that are different flavors; some are delicious; some are disgusting! The tricky part is that you don't know which flavor you are going to get.  You spin a spinner which tells you what color to pick, then you get that color and it will either be good or gross.  You may get lime or lawn clippings. Peach or barf. Strawberry-banana smoothie or dead fish.

One family night in January, Steve was in charge and he did a lesson about our agency and the gift we have to choose for ourselves. The lesson was wonderful! He went over 4 things that must be present for agency to be in effect: 1- a choice, 2- opposition, 3- knowledge, 4- law.  He used coins and a volunteer to demonstrate those principles in a great object lesson.

And later, for the game, he broke out the Bean Boozled game!

And my mom went first!

Good times!  Now watch the girls in action!  Is it coconut or spoiled milk?

1 comment:

Margaret Christensen said...

That looks so fun...Great lesson...