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Monday, October 8, 2018

Lily's Gone Camping

Lily waiting with the girls at the Stake Center before they left for camp 
This was Lily's second year going to Girl's Camp. She had a great time.  I wasn't there, so I can't tell you a lot about it, but I did get to view her pictures she took and those tell a story within themselves, so enjoy these photos she took. After her pictures, you'll see photos from what we did while she was away.

Here are the rocks she painted and gave away to all the people that were in her tent:

Sego Lily- Utah's State Flower


Snack Table- look at all that candy! I wonder if anyone ever chose to eat the fruit.

Leg wrestling activity

Foil Dinners- I love those!

She learned how to make bracelets

Mandy Allred and Lily taking a selfie

Smooshing activity

Lily and Lindsay Reidhead selfie

Dirt under her nails- yep, she's camping.

These next few pictures are from a photoshoot Steve and I went on while Lily was gone to camp.  We were testing a new lens he got that gives a cool effect when you place your subject at the edges of the picture.  This was right after we took Steve to an eye appointment at Walmart.  While I was waiting for him, I went shopping for solar relief that I could take with me to Hawaii.  Steve had to get his eyes dilated, so he left Walmart with shades of his own.
I'm sporting my new $5 shades and $1 sun hat- Walmart special!  Can you see my hubs in reflecting in the glasses?

Yes, I was trying awkward poses on purpose. 
If you look into Steve's eyes, you can see they're dilated.

Steve's special eye-dilation shades
Steve and I also took advantage of the cool mornings to take walks- around 3 miles.  We sometimes brought the cameras.  On one such occasion, I snapped a photo of the pretty grass being touched by the morning sun.

Steve practiced some of his trampoline tricks on Lily's trampline, too.

Smokey the cat found a new favorite napping spot in our lawn mower bag.

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