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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Summer Fun

This summer we did so much! 

We participated in the Roosevelt Farmer's market when we were around.  The money we raised there went to a pet fund to pay for the costs of owning a puppy that we were expecting to get after the summer.  Each week we made $20-30 and a couple times we made $40-$50.  I tried to be a good example and show my kids how to earn a few bucks.

spinach an peas were always good sellers

our herbs were awesome, but no buyers were interested in them.
 July 4- Parade in Neola (super short)

We traveled to Steve's parent's house in Saratoga Springs and the cherries were in season.
double cherry

We visited Micah and Mandy and enjoyed a hotdog roast, garden tour, SMORES DIP, and laser tag!

Micah made a tomato trellis that was lashed together with branches.  It looked amazing.

I liked how he used plastic cups to label his plants.

The hotdog roast was fun and the homemade j-dawg sauce was a treat!

This smores dip was addictive and sooooo goooood!

Micah broke out all these glow bracelets to adorn the soldiers for laser tag.

We went to a play at the Desert Star with Dad and Debby.  We loved it and it was Amara and Lily's first time.  We watched "Sunday School Musical, the Greatest Roadshow on Earth."

Lily saved 2 birds from the cherry tree net.  I'm sure they were very grateful.

For a Sunday dinner, Dad made kalbi using porkchops and it was SOOOO good! I've got to do that sometime!

Sister selfie!

Dad's new house doesn't have much garden space, so he grew things in the areas next to the house.

Barrel juggling is a thing.

There's dad with his newly planted pepper plants in the foreground.

Amara enjoyed using the hot tub at grandma Christensen's as a pool, and ninja loves looking at the lights.

Debby did grandma days every Monday, in the summer.  We went to one at Thanksgiving Point's butterfly exhibit.

They got to hold a huge cockroach.  It's called a smiley-face cockroach.  Lily thought it was so cute.

Summers often give us beautiful sunsets!
sunset selfie

Amara wanted to have a party, so she planned one and invited her friends to the park to have a picnic and play water games.
 For July, our relief society activity was held at the Daughter's of Utah Pioneers Museum, and then we went out to Cafe Rio.
Mom said when she was little she used to bathe in a tub at her grandma's house just like the one she's pointing to.

We thought the picture of the girl on the wall looked a little like Lily.

 Elinn's family came for a quick visit and we took them to McConkie Ranch to see amazing petroglyphs.

We also visited the grave of Annie Mariah Rasmussen Snyder.

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