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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eye-opening Babysitting

I, Lani, babysit a 2 year old girl in my ward a few days a week for 6-8 hours. Although it has been fun to have a friend for Lily to play with, Katie (the girl I babysit) is a toddler and is very different from Lily. I share the following true stories also known as humor at my expense:

Bathroom Drama- things I've told Katie...
Don't flush crackers
Don't waste water
Don't waste soap
Don't flush toilet paper that is still connected to the roll
Don't play with my lipstick
Don't lick my chapstick
Don't put your hands in the poopy toilet water
Don't make a mess
And today- "What are you guys doing?"
Lily(sitting on the pot having finished pooping): "Dipping things in the toilet."
Me (holding back my disgusted shock): "Is that okay?"
Katie and Lily (Katie holding a wadded up dish towel): "YES!"
Me: "NO! You do not put clean towels into the poop in the toilet."
Katie (disappointed): "Okay."
Me: "Did you dip anything else in the toilet already?"
Lily (smiling and laughing): "Yes. We put my sandals in there."
Sure enough, her sandals were sopping wet. Oh gosh! After throwing them away, I fetched them from the trash 5 minutes later realizing that we can't afford to buy new sandals at the end of sandal season. So I washed them twice with extra soap. and sent them through the washer.

Katie spills every day she's here. She even manages to spill water from her no-drip sippy cup that I require her to drink from. Her biggest spill was an entire pitcher of water from the table onto the Kitchen floor and all over herself.

Every half hour I'm asked for a snack. Although I provide a morning snack at 10, lunch at noon, and an afternoon snack at 3, she still asks for more and more. Maybe I'm a bit stingy, but I don't believe she's starving. Plus, her mother doesn't make any effort to bring any food for her. So, if it's on my shoulders to feed her, she will be fed as if she were my child.

Ahh, it feels good to vent a little of my eye-opening babysitting experiences.


Bobbie said...

It is quite funny how I came upon this blog today. I just got home from the farmer's market and a deaf couple I had a mere acquaintance but a pleasure to meet asked me if I could give them a ride home because their car was broken. I said sure and realized I was going to need to get my debit card at home to pick up some gas because going on empty was not going to do them a service nor I, especially if I asked the husband (who walks with a cain) to help push. Anyways, I got them and myself home after most of my morning had slipped away. I had previously left the house with having talked to Lani and finding out she was sitting on the couch (seemingly a bit overwhelmed from a little 'amara's age' baby boy she was temporarily babysitting, who was crying in her bedroom trying to fall asleep for his morning nap). I had to cut her a bit short as I had to leave and do some important stuff before I left. I had her on my mind for the time I was gone (kinda like a babysitter you have to leave in charge of your kids) and wondering if she will survive babysitting with all her brains intact. I came home to this post. I had this major de ja vu when I read her post as it took me back to when Lani used to babysit (whether our children or others) she would tell us all the 'foolishness' that went on when we got home and she had a list full of it! I often felt bad for her but realized that was going to prepare her for motherhood someday. It made my eyes misty to realize she was now a mommy tending her own babies and others! Where did my teenager go? Oh... she had grown up.

Hayley said...

That is so sad! Mostly funny though. I have had my share of those days. I nannied before Emmy was born and it was definitely an experience. I remember dreading going. I remember thinking I hope I love my little girl more than these kids cuz they drive me crazy! It is completely different thankfully!

Kronos said...

I'm not going to lie...that is absolutely hilarious! It does kind of suck, but at the same time, I can't stop laughing. Unfortunately, if I were in that situation I would probably end up egging them on as I would be laughing every time something like that happened.

Bobbie said...

Oh my gosh, did I read 'Kronos' correctly? You thought he was laffin? I was crackin at his comment! Eggin on? ahaha. oooh Mandy, I would watch your husband a lil' closer come potty training time for Jaxon! Maybe take a trip to Hawaii till Jaxon IS potty trained by your husband. Oh dear, I can't stop laffin !