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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ewww... more bathroom drama

I, Lani, babysat again today. This time Katie needed help wiping after going #2, so I dutifully went in to help her and just as I was grabbing for the toilet paper, I stopped in disgust at what I saw. A poo smear on the roll of TP about as wide as a 2 year old's finger. Katie noticed my pause of shock and she told me that she wiped some off already. I carefully unrolled the used paper, tore it off and as I was throwing it in the toilet, Katie leans forward and grabs me around my favorite WHITE capris and grasps on with both hands. She must think I'm a freak by the way I reacted to her trying to steady herself. It sounded like I was practicing my vowels staccato-style, "Ah! Eh! Oh! Ew! Up! Off! Eee!"

Lesson learned: never wear your favorite white capris while babysitting. It's too risky.

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Tom and Bobbie & Families said...

Drama? I would call this Comedy! I would pay good money to go and watch this!! ahaha. It's funny when it happens to someone else. I remember when we had only one bathroom and 5 kids. I could NOT avoid that 'racing stripe' decor in my bathroom. No matter what! I even added ceramic ducks to the decor and changed the shower curtain to change it up a bit! If it wasn't on the toilet paper it was on the walls? ok ok... you get the idea. Somehow the 'this to shall pass' mentality everytime I walked into the bathroom had a sidekick that said, 'NOT!'.