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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lily Cooks With Grandpa Lauret

Watch Lily Chop Zucchini with Grandpa's BIG knife.

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1 comment:

Tom & Bobbie jus' luvin' their Family! said...

oh dear heart. It was a de ja vu for me seeing this. As soon as I seen the title cooking 'with grandpa lauret' my heart fell out of my body and visited a planet where no man has gone before, again. You see, when Daddy used to teach you guys how to cook with him. You guys loved it and I KNEW I BETTER TRUST DAD to not let you guys get burned, blended in the blender or chopped to pieces all in the excitement of it all. I really wasn't into horror shows. It took everything in me to TRUST dad in that arena but I did and look at that, you guys grew closer to your dad bcuz of it and he taught y'all how to be great cooks! I knew my place in the kitchen and it definitely wasn't being the cook. Assistant, maybe but not even then cuz I couldn't do that fast enough! But I enjoyed being with you guys in the kitchen and ESPECIALLY eating it, too!